Spring Clothing? Here is all you need to know.

How do the longer days make you feel? How do they influence what you want to wear? What colours are you drawn to? What about the fabrics; textures; prints? Do we consciously even think about these “details” as we transition from one season to another, or do the boots and coats gradually get hidden from view and replaced with sandals, light jackets, and sweaters?


Let me share with you how the longer days make me feel!

I feel physically freer. I feel like I can do more things as the sun continues to shine until 8pm, and I can stay out later. In the mornings, when I’m selecting what to wear, my eyes naturally go towards the lighter, flowy, bright coloured items in my closet.

I blame the retail stores for getting us mentally prepared a couple of months prior to the appropriate weather actually getting here. After Christmas they are quick to showcase newly designed items in pretty shades of pastels, turquoises, and terracotta. And we can’t help but succumb as we shop our way to happiness in the anticipation of bright, sunny, warm days when we will be able to wear our purchases!!

Humans have a tendency to live the saying “it’s about the journey and not the destination”, so why not enjoy the scenery of new designs, colours, and styles as we journey into the spring season. And…. I would even suggest that you take the striking panoramic route which will provide exposure to different designers as we have access to what the entire planet has to offer through the World Wide Web, as well as the convenience of living in a diverse, multicultural city such as Toronto right at our door steps.

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