Tips on Spring Fitness

Okay… honest! Are you 100% satisfied with your health as it is RIGHT now?

This is the question I answered for myself a couple of weeks ago, and the harsh truth of the matter was that I am NOT 100% satisfied. Yes, of course I console myself through the self talk of: “I don’t look that bad”, “If I chose the ‘right’ clothing, my lumps and bumps will remain hidden”, “For goodness’ sake, you’ve had kids, give yourself a break!!” Yet in my heart of hearts I know what I truly want. It’s not even about size: it’s about me feeling good about myself; feeling strong; feeling toned; feeling energized; and not giving myself excuses and “outs”!

I used to attend yoga classes every week, what happened?  Oh yes- a conflicting job schedule. Well now I have decided that my commitment will be to me and my health.

Spring for me is a time of freshness, rebirth, revitalization, and rejuvenation of our minds, bodies, and spirits. With the longer days and extra sunshine, my mind and spirit have experienced elation. That left my body. As someone who believes in mind, body, spirit alignment, I felt and KNEW (as much as I wished to deny it!!), that I had to do something for my body. So I started the 30-day ABS Challenge (picture below).

In addition,  I re- started to do 2-10 complete sun salutation routines every day. Of course I wanted to see the results, not just feel the soreness, the next day, but like anything, a toned body takes time. I am now on day 7 and believe me; I have had a day or two already where I have wanted to stop!! But you’ll be happy to hear that I haven’t, I have persevered and gotten to the point where it feels good to be doing the stretches, crunches, and even the leg lifts!!

I invite you to start something your future self with thank you for.

Spring is in the air, and asking our minds, bodies, and spirits to come into alignment with each other.  What are YOU going to take on and commit to today?


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