Top 5 most fashionable countries. Whose street fashion fits your style?

 Every year, the International fashion weeks are the carnival for fashion icons. As a result of this, both inside and outside of the fashion shows themselves are crowded by all different kinds of styles and fashions. Today let me lead you to see what the bustling scene looks like outside of the international show in 2017.

New York

During the 2017 New York International Fashion week, either inside or outside the show, fashion icons all gave us impressive and inspiring styles, such as long skirt, windbreaker and wide leg pants. They all are trendy fashion items in the year of 2017.


On the runways, every beautiful supermodel is competing for photos, while every fashion blogger is using various ways to steal the attention off the runway. It’s a party of fashion, (an intense one)



Milan is the city that has always been filled with a strong fashion atmosphere.  Milan fashion weeks, especially off-the-runway street fashion,  always gives us surprises and the upcoming fashion trends.

Through colour contrasts, statement items and details, fashion lovers in Milan never fail to show off their attractive styles, even outside the shows. With the street snaps capturing the unique Milan styles, it’s obvious that the vintage style is still on fire.



During 2017 Australia fashion week, the biggest surprise was how chaotic and flexible Sydney fashion lovers are with their styles in different seasons. Fashion icons wear thin long jackets on the first day and change them to collared coats on the next day. At the same time, on the other hand, photographers are lucky enough to witness and capture all the interesting styles of all four seasons in just a few days.

During this fashion week, the Australian bloggers are back: Zanita Whittington and Margaret Zhang both came back to town and made their first fashion debut in a long time. Local fashion icons, Chloe Hill and Talisa Sutton, also gave us some interesting styling ideas.



Fashion icons continued to bring us fresh fashion inspiration in 2017 London fashion week. They are wearing different styles of clothes and charming high heels, converging into a beautiful landscape.

Supermodels and fashion icons in London introduced the Mix & Match of the street fashion as well as the sophisticated looks. And, THEY LOOK GOOD!



Toronto continued the diversity of styles as always. On the streets of Toronto, you can see different styles from all over the world. Here, you can find a variety of popular trends and get more new ideas for your daily look.

With the right styling, pajamas can also become fashion. During this week, fashion icons in Toronto introduced the pajamas trend. They tell us with practical actions that it is time for fashionistas to wear pajamas and rock the street styles.



 Leave your comments below and let us know about which country’s street fashion fits your style the best!

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