Fashion in Abbottsford British Columbia

Fashion on Montrose Ave. in Abbotsford, British Columbia

by Georgia, Miss Teen Fraser Valley 2017

Living in the Fraser Valley you get to see a lot of different fashion styles, especially in the summer. This year’s summer has been quite hot with some days being close to 40 degrees Celsius. Thus staying cool is a big priority when picking out an outfit. I personally take fashion inspiration from all over the world and through many eras, though I have to say that the 60s are favourite. What I love about the street I chose, is that as you walk down it you will see so many different and unique styles that all look good. Montrose avenue in Abbotsford, BC is located at the heart of its historic downtown. Both sides of the street are full of bakeries, vintage shops, boutiques, music shops and so much more.

Veronica white cotton blouse on door step beside old bicycle

Veronica is a University student with a great sense of style. She is currently studying science at SFU but has decided to change her studies to become a fashion designer. Come next year Veronica is traveling to Asia and hopes that while she is there she will find lots of inspiration to help her in the future. Veronica is wearing an upcycled white vintage top, a mauve high waisted pleated skirt that she custom made and white Adidas runners for $75. She has paired this outfit with a super cute light pink purse from Michael Kors for $198. Veronica is pictured outside Invana TeaHouse on Montrose ave. in Abbotsford. I chose this location because of the vintage and rustic feel the business gives off.  This outfit is super cute and casual, which is perfect for the hot weather in the Fraser Valley. In this ensemble you can go for brunch or a walk in the park;  her skirt and shirt combo really has no limits.

Fashion styles in Frasier Valley British ColumbiaCamillie is a university student and loves to express herself through her fashion. Camillie and her two sisters run a fashion instagram (@fashionandfetch ) where they show off their different styles to the world. They hope to inspire others to do the same. Her influence comes from all over the world and she is always looking for the perfect items to add to her closet! The orange shorts and white shoes that Camillie is wearing come from different shops along the beach in Chile This helps to make her style even more unique. The red bodysuit is from Urban Behavior and the black belt is thrifted. I chose to go with an off-white wall in one of the alleys along the street because I really wanted the bright colours of this summer outfit to pop! I love how Camillie has pulled the red together by adding the sunglasses and having the small red detailing on the shoes. Doing this really helps to make a complete look that’s ready for the beach or a local festival.

Red Camille with big red bag in Abbottsford British ColumbiaLastly we have Camillie, again, showing us a different side of her fashion personality. This more dressy look is perfect for a summer date or afternoon tea in the garden. The flowers in the background add a fresh feel to the street and really help to the the dress stand out. Camillie loves to have statement pieces which is why this Red Madison Tote from Shop J&G for $56 is perfect for her. The dress she is wearing from Zara. She may love a statement piece but she knows when enough is enough, which is why she has paired this outfit with a set of nude platform heels. The heels and purse together give Camillie the perfect amount of statement.

Fraser Valley’s fashion is truly complex, and I haven’t even started to show you half of it. If you want to get the full feel come down to Montrose avenue in Abbotsford, grab a cup of coffee and a pastry from one of our local shops, and see for yourself just how diverse our summer fashion is!







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