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Sibling Fashion Clash in Lawn, Nfld

By Bailey, Miss Teen Newfoundland and Labrador 2017

We often look at style in a very black and white fashion, we see stylish individuals as those in tall heels and flouncy skirts, however, we don’t usually recognize style as soccer cleats and jerseys. Growing up with a younger sister who is the exact opposite of me allowed me to understand that just because not only our styles (like our personalities) clash doesn’t mean that one of us is more stylish than the other.Kennedy has soccer style - sports fashion in Victoria BC

Meet Kennedy, my 12-year sister, a grade eight student at Holy Name of Mary Academy in my hometown of Lawn. She is the starting striker of the local peninsula soccer team; when she’s not practicing her shot, she’s playing a game. Because of this, Kennedy lives in soccer uniforms and running shoes, that’s her style.

You can see her on my absolute favorite street in my tiny town, Harbour Drive, which runs through the heart of Lawn. I love this street so much because it holds so much history as it sits right on the edge of the stages and docks that supported the fishing industry, an industry that supported my community for many, many years.

Fashion clash on harbour drive in LawnKennedy is sporting a rather serious look in this photo and is decked out completely in Adidas; the black shorts and shirt are made of a light-weight, breathable material that makes busy days and practices more comfortable. Of course, no soccer game is complete without her favorite Adidas socks, with the signature stripe and to add some color to this ensemble she paired it was these lime green and bright orange, Messi cleats. You can pick up Kennedy’s entire outfit from your local Sports Chek. The caged rocks you see pictured behind Kennedy also hold great significance to me as I painted them as a child, with some of my best friends as an art project, just another reason to love this street.

Family fashion on the waterfront in Newfoundland and Labrador

Although Kennedy is much more comfortable in her shorts and socks she tried on my style for size and stepped out in this gorgeous floral dress from Nobel U. The beautiful blue and pink light up against her dark complexion. The background of this photo captures the spirit of my town perfectly and allows me to show off our beautiful history.

coral cream dress Of course, I couldn’t miss out on an opportunity to show off one of my favorite dresses from La Scala, a brand that is available for purchase at Pseduio, Envy and online. This dress is a beautiful coral-orange color with an eyelet lace bodice and a heavy skater skirt that is perfect for twirling around. I’ve paired it with a cream, rhinestone, floral shaped necklace from Ardene; the creamy beige color contrasts nicely with the bright dress. To finish it off I’m wearing cream and floral heels from Call It Spring, the floral print is a lovely mix of blush, coral, and raspberry.

Although my sister and I have widely different styles, we both love how we dress, we feel comfortable in our own personal fashion choices. No matter what we wear or how we choose to express ourselves, we always remember that we are our own kind of beautiful and our styles are simply a reflection of that, the most important lesson is to understand that our beauty lies beyond our style and beyond what is on the outside but lives within who were are as people.

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  1. Dana drake
    Dana drake says:

    Awesome job on your blog. So nice to read this info on our small town and esp how fashion matters, in the lives of young people with two very different styles. Very informative.

  2. Jennifer Leonard
    Jennifer Leonard says:

    Great Blog..
    As a mom of a 10 year old girl who loves to wear the comfy clothes of her volleyball jersey and shorts she also loves to dress up in dresses and pretty shoes and curls in her hair. Loved how you included your younger sister… Great job!!

  3. Michelle Slaney
    Michelle Slaney says:

    No matter what style you or Kennedy choose to sport, your personalities (also wildly different) and big bright smiles, light up every room you enter!

  4. Priscilla Tarrant
    Priscilla Tarrant says:

    Love this .Our two beautiful Grand Daughters ,no matter what choice the dress code may be, you are both beautiful and we love you girls.

  5. Lorelee Lambe
    Lorelee Lambe says:

    Excellent read, well done Bailey. It’s so nice to see how proud you are of your sister. My daughter is on the same soccer team as Kennedy and has the same style. When she was little I dressed her in the prettiest little dresses and shoes. Now that she is older, she has developed her own sense of fashion and seeing her in a dress does not happen very often anymore. But she is still the same sweet and beautiful girl.
    I love the pictures you have chosen of you and your sister, they are beautiful. I am extremely proud that my daughter and our province have you to represent us.

  6. Anne Marie Tarrant
    Anne Marie Tarrant says:

    Awesome blog Bailey!!!As your mother it fills my heart with pride how much you displayed your love for your sister in this blog!!!!


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