Top 5 Most Popular Fashion Trends of 2018 Spring and Summer

Being fashionable and in-style doesn’t always mean filling up your closet and emptying your wallet. A good taste gives you a good style with existing pieces from your closet.

Especially in 2018, when vintage and throwing back style is on fire in the fashion world. Today, let Street Chic leads you to explore into the top 5 vintage styles that make you look so chic and in-trend in 2018. These 5 trends are significantly celebrated by the top designers in their newest fashion releases.

1. Check Pattern
Plaids are not new to every fashion bloggers’ mast-have lists. It’s classic, sophisticated, and have been back in trend since 2017. It returns to the spotlight every few years, so definitely keep these items in your wardrobe.


This year, designers put tons of simple and bright plaids in their fashion shows. Well, who to blame? It does give a fresh and refined look to people and it’s so easy to style with. Just throw on a pair of jeans or black tights. You got the look!


2. See Through

There are countless ways to the see-through style this year: chiffon, mesh, lace,


etc. They all come in different colours and styles. What’s your favourite?

Something new is to be noted, if you are interested. Designers also took PVC to the ‘party’, which happened to become one of the most popular elements of this year. Have you seen them?

3. Bold Shorts
So… Shorts are cool this summer all of a sudden: Louis Vuitton put silk shorts on its show openers; Balmain combined plaids with shorts, and Versace creatively used pink. I mean… who could’ve thought of that!?