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Bringing Out Your Inner Beauty in London Ontario

Users who liked this: by Miana, Miss Teenage Ontario 2017 Society often conforms to copy the latest styles and trends of today’s fashion icons. I believe its essential to pull inspiration for all of our role models, and create a look that highlights our individuality. In order to look good, it really is important that […]

Casual Fashion in Kensington Village, Calgary

Users who liked this: By Emily, Miss Teen North Calgary 2017 Fashion is one of the most personal forms of expression. Since my style has always been different, I’ve never really fallen into a specific category with my wardrobe. Through first and last days of school, bowties and ‘DIY’ jewelry, I’ve learned that getting creative […]

Fashion on Raglan Street in Renfrew Ontario

Users who liked this: By Sophia,  Miss Teenage Eastern Ontario 2017 Take one historical street in small town Eastern Ontario, add a selection of unique boutiques offering a variety of fashion choices, compliment it with a selection of wonderful women from various generations and you have a snapshot of Fashion in the Valley! Raglan Street […]

Toronto Fashion on Cumberland St in Yorkville

Users who liked this: Written Alexia Antonio – Miss Teenage Toronto 2017 All photos by Alexia Antonio “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” —Coco Chanel. Fashion Icon Coco Chanel had a major impact on women’s clothing and in the fashion industry.  The quote expresses staying true to one’s self and style […]

Small Town Girl Fashion in Nova Scotia

Users who liked this: By: Lindsey, Miss Teenage Northern Nova Scotia 2017 Fashion in Nova Scotia is so individualized and unique. Walking down the streets of our small town you can see just how diverse fashion can be. As the present Miss Teenage Northern Nova Scotia, fashion is a large part of why I decided […]

Summer Fashion in Biggar Saskatchewan

Users who liked this: By Shiela Antoniette Montes, Miss Teenage Saskatchewan 2017 “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” –Rachel Zoe Fashion is everywhere and the joy of dressing is an art. Fashion doesn’t only matters on the price but its quality; not specifically defined by its style but […]

Chavez Shoe Fitters are Transition Ankle Straps

Users who liked this: by Joanna Szeen, photographer named Victor Gonzales. Melissa is a young executive currently working for Shoes by Chavez, a locally owned Canadian shoe brand that is gaining popularity here and abroad. With many responsibilities within the growing company, she is constantly on the go.  This lady needs a gorgeous shoe that […]