fashion for the movie theatre in Medcine Hat Alberta

The Many Fashions of Medicine Hat Alberta

By Nyamal, Miss Teen Medicine Hat 2017

“I like to push the barriers when it comes to fashion” – Nyamal

I could not have said it better myself.  Fashion is an expression of both emotion and character. Every person alive adds more flavour to the world of fashion by daring to be unapologetic and adding their own flare to their outfits.

With this definition in mind, I could not have found better individuals to take part in this article with me.

Our first model is Mervat, a 19 year old college student who aspires to be a paramedic. She is outgoing, talkative, supporting, and the type of person who fills the room with energy simply by entering.

For this shoot we’d agreed to take photos at six pm on College Dr. She decided to wear something a little more casual sporting vintage denim jeans with a “Bad influence” graphic halter top with threaded roses. She had purchased her trendy top at Urban Planet and thrifted her Levi jeans from a friend. She accessorizes with a pair of sunglasses and beaded flower sandals. Adding a bit of colour with a camel, braided leather belt from Bluenotes she managed to create an outfit that’s tré cute but manageable.

I think my favourite thing about this look is that it’s inexpensive, quick to put together, and comfortable. All three things that are important when considering an outfit that will take you from the busy, lesson filled days to late night study sessions as a college student.

Bad inlfuence in Medicine Hat AlbertaI choose to take photos of her at the college because it holds a lot of memories and emotions for me and many others. Medicine Hat College offers a place of enjoyment and learning for its students and hatters alike. In the summer it provides camps for children and preteens. It also holds academic assistance for middle-schoolers and high-schoolers during the school year – I for one owe my successful school year to the program and study groups I was able to have at the college. Not only does the college act as a beacon of educational success but it adds more multiculturalism to our city with the many international students it holds.

With a mixture of retro and modern trend Merv rocks a confident and casual street style for a summer afternoon.

black body suit and dark blue denim jean shorts fashion in Medicine Hat albertaOur second look today is at Belle an 18 year old free spirit who is hands down one of the most exciting people you will ever meet. She is a dedicated hard worker currently holding two jobs at David’s Tea and Marshalls, both located in Medicine Hat mall. With a great love for friends and a soul meant to wonder she loves to take adventures. Being the wildheart she is she loves to take risks with her style. Today she decided to pair a fitted cotton-mesh black bodysuit from Garage with dark denim Hollister jean shorts and simple black flip flops for a cute summer look. A flattering outfit for checking out the nightlife downtown with friends.

For accessories, she gives us a small, grey, textured Guess coin purse with stunning shimmering and beige nails to give the look a little more glam factor.

The third look was created by Jordyn, an intelligent young lady that carries a sense of mature, calm about herself. Jordyn is 18 years old and currently working at the Cineplex before attending University in the Fall. She enjoys reading, soccer, driving, and listening to some of her favourite musicians such as 21 pilots and Halsey. She is a witty and creative individual with an amazing talent for painting. With a style that’s typically a little more alternative and hipster, Jordyn brings a blue and white graphic tee referencing the classic film Clueless complimented by a denim pairing of shorts and a baseball cap.Whatever shift on blue tie dye patterm t shirt Medicine Hat Alberta

She adds to the outfit with a pair of white and pink Nike trainers. Some may be against rips in clothing but I personally feel that a tear like this gives the top a small but adequate amount of character.

Credit for where you can purchase the clothing is given to Forever 21 for the shirt and Garage for her jeans.

Jordyn has a casual outfit with just a bit of edge; its perfect for catching a flick at the movies.

wheat foreground, lady poses in M3edicine hat with blue jeans cap and cotton shirt, tank top


Eighteen year old Micayla involves herself in anything that revolves around the arts; it’s no wonder she’s able to wear such a bright coloured clothes and look stunning in daring outfits. The future student of Calgary University describes her overall style as more European inspired although she pulls inspiration from everywhere. blue jeans ball cap, round sunglasses and red shirt collar , pretty girl in Medicine Hat Alberta

For one of her looks Micayla sports a red v neck came from Garage costing $10.00 with an American Apparel bomber jacket that had costed her $120.00. For bottoms she styles Levis wedgie fit denim at the price of $130.00 and adds unique flare and colour with the addition of her $30.00 Topshop floral pink mule heels. She accessorizes this look with Guay Australia round frame shades and a Calvin Klein denim hat. The sunglasses prices at $75.00 and the cap at $45.00. This look is as high-end and beautiful as her second look.


For her second look, Micayla paired her vibrant floral heels with a full Topshop outfit consisting of a white ¾ sleeve ribbed, high neck sweater with blue suit cigarette trousers. Her outfit total being $30.00 for the top and $60.00 for the bottoms. She also uses a silver ring from south Africa and a black leather purse for cigarette trousers with white top in Medicine Hat Alberta

The way the pink heels and vibrant blue bottoms compliment each other is simply stunning.

gas lamps in downtown medicine Hat albertaDue to the artistic nature of Micayla and Jordyn some photos of the trio took place in front of the Esplanade located on 1 St SE. The Esplanade holds art shows, concerts, plays, and other events. It is a cultural hub open to all and meaningful to many.

Other photos were all taken on 2 St WE in downtown Medicine Hat from 8 to 9 pm. I felt this was the perfect place to take photos because the beauty of the streets, the gas lights, and it is also the location one of our long standing local business.

The Monarch Theatre is Canada’s oldest operating movie theatre. The theatre remains relevant playing new movies and also allows viewers to enjoy classical films now and then. Many citizens in the Hat hold fond memories here such as watching movies together with their father or spending times with friends.

gas lights in Medicine Hat AlbertaThe gas lights brighten up the streets of downtown Medicine Hat, and serve as a reminder of the importance of natural gas to the city.

Although we may not be a bustling fashion district, inspiring the next fall fashion week, we are a city filled with quality characters, risk takers, and unique fashions. Medicine Hat is a small city with a rich history and many beautiful locations as well as amazing people. Being able to spend time with my models and take a minute to appreciate our surroundings I think it’s safe to say that Medicine Hat has a lot to offer via fashion and amazing personality.




Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful in Lethbridge Alberta

By Sarah, Miss Teenage Cardston County 2017

What is beauty? Beauty is not something that you have, or you don’t have. Each one of us has unique beauty within us. I simply couldn’t decide on just one outfit, as beauty is not just one look. So I picked three outfits, that displays: Comfort, Elegance, and Confidence. All three are important aspects to being your own kind of beautiful.

Comfort is key. Often girls believe that to be beautiful they must be uncomfortable, this is false. Beauty comes from within, and that is why it is so incredibly important that you wear clothes that make you feel comfortable.

Miss Teen Cardston Co - Srarh in mineral red dress, casual wear, AlbertaPerson- Sarah (myself), an Alberta Delegate competing in the 2017 Search for Miss Teenage Canada.
Outfit- Forever Fond, Mineral Red dress, with Pearl Petite necklace.
Brand- Dress (Down East) Necklace (Down East)
Price- Dress- $61 Necklace- $27
Store- Mish Fashion & Swim
Street- 6th Street South, Lethbridge Alberta

As Audrey Hepburn once said, “Elegance is the only beauty, that never fades.” I absolutely love this quote. Elegance is beautiful. I feel that more often than not, elegance is classified as “old” or maybe “mature” which yes, it can. However elegance is for all ages. Whether you are 14 or 80, elegance is beautiful on everyone. I personally love simple outfits, as it draws more attention to the person who is wearing it, not the other way around. We all know the saying, “Pretty in Pink” well this dress is a perfect example. The way the skirt flows makes elegance and style tie together, making a beautiful outfit. Let’s not forget about the necklace now. I personally love this necklace, it’s so classy and versatile. It can be worn with so many different outfits! Overall I think this necklace is the perfect way to complete the look of elegance.Miss Teen Cardston Co freind cheerleader

Person- Rebecca, cheerleader for Perfect Storm Lethbridge.
Outfit- Lauren Pink Maxi Dress, with Pearl Petite necklace.
Brand- Dress (Milka Rose) Necklace (Down East)
Price- Dress- $112 Necklace- $27
Store- Mish Fashion & Swim
Street- 6th Street South, Lethbridge Alberta

What is more beautiful than seeing a girl who is confident?! I personally think the most admirable trait of a girl, is when she is confident in who she is and what she looks like. A question we all have been asked by either a friend, a family member, or even a stranger is, “How do I look?” I’m not going to sit here and pretend I don’t ask others this same question, but my question is… Why do we seem to always ask this question again and again? In today’s society we are taught that our self worth is determined on how others view us. This needs to change! But how? First, you need to realize that no matter how much someone will compliment you, the only person who can make you feel confident is you. It is essential that you are doing it for yourself, no one else. This outfit is so unique and different, in displaying true confidence through its pattern and style. It is important that the outfit you wear makes you feel confident, don’t wear it for someone else, wear it for yourself. As I said before, wear something you want to wear, because in the end you are the only one who can truly make yourself feel confident.

Sarah in Cardston Co Alberta

Person- Sarah (myself) an Alberta Delegate competing in the 2017 Search for Miss Teenage Canada.
Outfit- Pin Up, blue, red, yellow floral dress, with black lace necklace, red shoes.

Brand- Dress (H&R) Necklace (Opia) Shoes (Fashion Focus)
Price- Dress- $84 Necklace- $20 Shoes- $44
Store- Mish Fashion & Swim
Street- 3rd Avenue South, Lethbridge Alberta

If you follow these three steps, you will be well on your way to being your own kind of beautiful.






Kinza Featured image

Summer Styles on Whyte Avenue, Edmonton

by Sravya, 2017 Miss Northern Alberta World

I thought long and hard about finding the most fashionable street where one can find the perfect outfit and draw inspiration to style themselves in the latest and trendiest clothing offered in Edmonton. From Jasper Avenue to the corporate world of the 50th street, I have explored them all to showcase the best styles around the city. But what stood out to me the most was the legendary Whyte Avenue, located in the heart of the Old Strathcona district. Named as one of Canada’s best shopping areas, Whyte Avenue offers a variety of retail from higher-end international fashions to quaint Canadian brands. With its chic boutiques blended with eclectic night clubs, Whyte Avenue has become an unconventional fashion runway in Edmonton. From ripped jeans & a simple tee to ethnic wears such as kurtis and Qi Pao, you can see a wide variety of fashions from all over the world on this avenue.

Carol on Whyte Avenue in Edmonton

Carol looking Street Chic on Whyte Avenue in Edmonton.  Photo by Sravya

On mid-summers day of July 6th, I embarked on my quest to find the hottest outfits and comfortable styles on Whyte Avenue. My day was off to a great start when I ran into this beautiful lady. It was hard not to notice her as she looked angelic in her white, ruffled blouse she purchased at Simon’s for $29.99. Trends and seasons change but a black & white outfit is a universal combination that never goes out of style. Knowing this, Carol perfectly tucked in her white blouse with high-waist black culottes with pleats purchased from Zara for just $39.99. Carol likes to be comfortable while looking professional for her workplace. So she accessorized with a simple Swarovski necklace to add sophistication to her outfit. Finally, she finished off her look with a simple pair of black heels purchased from Aldo for $19.99.

Dan at University of Edmonton

Dan is a stylish engineering student at the University of Alberta

Accompanying Carol is Dan, an engineering student at the University of Alberta. He was on his way to meet with his friends at a local restaurant on his lunch break at work. He rocked the business casual look with his black on white polka dot shirt purchased from American Eagle Outfitters. To make the most of your outfit, it’s important to vary the choice of fabric depending on the time of the year. One of the most stylish fabrics that transcends across all seasons is cotton. To beat the heat while looking professional, Dan chose to wear lightweight, breathable cotton pants from Jack & Jones. To complete his look for the day, Dan rocked a pair of brown dress shoes he purchased from Saks OFF 5th. I particularly loved the way Dan bought class to his look with a leather watch he purchased from Fossil for $59.99.

Kina on Whyte Avenue in Edmonton

Kinza in a maroon colored kurti, spotted on Whyte Avenue in Edmonton

As I continued my journey along Whyte Avenue, I met this beauty with brains, an engineering student with a love for fashion.  In Canada, we find strength in our diversity – not just economically and politically but also in fashion. Kinza looked stylish and classy in her maroon colored kurti, a type of dress traditional to people from South Asia, paired with black leggings. The thin layer of silk fabric added a pretty flare in a gentle breeze – a look perfect for a July summer night. Kinza finished her look with a contrasting black scarf which she purchased at a charming boutique in Edmonton named Flora Designer Wear.

urban girl, Aly with baggy jeans in Edmonton

Aly in high-waisted vintage Guess jeans and a chic woolen crop top.

Old is always gold when it comes to fashion. From repurposing mom’s jeans to oversized t-shirts, imitating the trends of our previous era with a touch of modern simplicity is the new go-to for many teens. A fan of this trend, Aly styled herself in high-waisted vintage Guess jeans and a chic woolen crop top. She added modernity to her look with gold hoop earrings and shoes she purchased from Martiniano. Reviving the vintage look with her personal touch, Aly successfully created a nostalgic outfit that will take you back in time.

While a designer is merely a creator of clothes, fashion stems from your own personality and attitude. I chose to write about the above individuals because of how rather than what they wore. So whether you are wearing body swallowing hoodies or pencil skirts with a crop top, add your personal touch and flaunt it with absolute confidence. That is the essential key to being stylish and making a fashion statement.