Cambridge center mall on Hespelar Rd

Fashion at Cambridge Center Mall on Hespeler Rd

By Kaitlyn, Miss Teenage Waterloo Region 2017

On the Thursday before the August civic holiday weekend in Cambridge, Ontario, when all of our local-fashionistas are out preparing for upcoming endeavours, I took an opportunity to visit the Cambridge Center Mall on Hespeler road and get some inspiration. Along the way I happened to run into a beautiful girl named Chloe.

vneck tshirt from ReitmansChloe is 21 years old and loves to travel, in fact she moved to Canada 3 years ago from Wales.  She described herself as creative and shared with me her passion for drawing. So… what is she wearing!? Being a full time Pandora employee, her uniform requires her to wear black on black on black. Chloe is wearing a high fashion black twisted V-neck T-shirt from Urban Planet made from polyester and nylon which she purchased for $15. For pants she chose trendy black leggings from Reitmans made out of viscose and nylon for $45. Black Adidas flats, and 2 gorgeous Pandora bracelets and 3 rings all made from sterling silver, cubic zirconia, and pearl accents.

Next up in the Cambridge Center on Hespeler Road I stumbled upon a true beauty, Brianna. Brianna is the youngest out of 9 biological siblings, and also has 4 foster siblings! She just switched school’s at the age of 17, and currently works 4 jobs! Brianna is an equestrian, she loves to ride horses at Irish Creek Stables, and loves art and fitness. She was wearing a blue dress from Winners made out of cotton for $14, a cover up black jacket made from nylon and polyester also from Winners for $25. To tie the outfit together she wore a thick black belt made out of leather and elastic from Ardenes for $10. And on her feet, heels from Aldo for $80. I noticed this gorgeous ring on her finger as well, and it came out of a candle! Charmed aroma candles and bath bombs are gifts she receives often, and they definitely pay off. (And might I add, her makeup skills are incredible.)

Lastly, on my way home I bumped into Kimberly. Kimberly is 43 years old and in the pharmaceutical industry, she loves fitness, gardening and water sports at her cottage. When Kimberly has down time, she listens to audiobooks. In fact she just finished listening to 44 hours of Stephen King’s ‘It’ novel. Kimberly is wearing a Frank Lyman designer beaded white dress made out of lycra, nylon, and cotton which she purchased for $165. On her feet gorgeous sparkly heels from Aldo for $99 and on her wrist a FitBit Charge 2 for $169. This was taken on McFarlane Drive, in Cambridge Ontario.

My favourite part about seeking out the greatest fashions in my region was getting to meet new people. All of the girls were so lovely and helpful to me, I definitely made new friends today! This experience has taught me that you don’t have to be wearing Gucci or Kate Spade to be considered chic. If Brianna hadn’t told me her belt was from Ardenes, I would never have known. The moral of the story here is that you can be extremely fashionable and not break the bank. It’s all about knowing where to look. I hope this article changes your perspective about brands. Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the creation of this article, you’re all beautiful, and are definitely worthy of the title “Street Chic”.



A Good Heart Never Goes Out of Style in Truro Nova Scotia

by Zoe, Miss Teen Nova Scotia 2017

Nova Scotians are known as very laid-back and relaxed people, which is something that shows through our everyday fashion choices. Whether we’re out for cheesecake at a quaint coffee shop or chilling on the beaches of Northumberland Shore, a loose sundress and a hat is our go-to attire! Comfort is one of the main qualities we look for in clothes, because when we feel good, we look good!! Despite our love for comfort, that doesn’t mean we are any less stylish! Here are some of the street fashions that best exemplify Nova Scotian living, all scouted on Prince Street in my hometown of Truro!

Prince Street: The heart of downtown Truro

In the recent years, the town of Truro, located in central Nova Scotia, has really become more of a funky and artistic community. With cool coffee shops and bakeries popping up at every corner of the block, Truro is the perfect place to express one’s individual style. Here we have hipsters, farmers, seamen, chic workaholics, and little girls in frilly dresses! With the opening of the new library and civic square on Prince Street, there is no better place to be in town! On Prince Street who will also find local boutiques, the Truro Farmer’s Market, the popular Nook and Cranny restaurant, and the Marigold Cultural Centre! On August 2nd, I ventured out on Prince Street to photograph and interview fashion icons wearing some of our town’s latest trends!

Dannette: The Frugal Female

This lovely lady has such a simple yet elegant style. It captures the true essence of “pretty and practical”. Best of all, she buys most of her outfits from thrift stores for $10 or less! In our area, there are several second hand clothing stores, such as New to You, Frenchies, and Louis. When you take the time to thoroughly search the bins, you can find some pretty neat items! And once you pair them together with a couple accessories, you get a killer outfit! Her deep purple collared blouse made of polyester really complements her skin tone, while her sparkly sandals add a beautiful touch of bling! She also a chose a pair light grey leggings for comfort and practicality! And finally, she topped off the look with a cute side braid! At 58 years old, Dannette is proof that you can be stylish at any age! I think it is important to represent every demographic and age group in fashion and style magazines, no matter how young or how old the people are! She is a beautiful person inside and out, and it was really a pleasure to meet her. Something interesting about Dannette is that she “tells it like it is”! Honesty sure is a good quality to have! In her free time, she enjoys dancing, walking, and gardening.  This picture was actually taken on the corner of Prince and Inglis Street, another shopping hotspot in downtown Truro! We didn’t have too much time to chat as Dannette was on her way to a meeting, but all I can say is she totally ROCKED this look!

denim fashion in Truro Nova Scotia

Chloee:  The Denim Dreamer

This young and playful style looks great on 17 year old Chloee! She is an avid arts supporter in the community and has directed a musical called “Rock of Ages” as well as the “Charlie Wilcox Film Project”. She is also in Girl Guides Canada and has participated in youth forums and other community projects. She is wearing a dress that consists of a navy denim high waisted skirt and a blue and white horizontally striped tank top. Like Dannette, she purchased her dress for only $10 at Louis, one of Truro’s most popular thrift stores! She is also sporting some red Toms shoes, which were on sale for $20 at a local shop called Margolians! The blue pearled necklace she is wearing adds the perfect touch to form a colorful, youthful and laid-back style! And of course, a girl’s best accessory is always her smile!! This picture was taken in front of the Truro Public Library and Civic Square, at about 7:30 pm. Chloee is a dreamer (like myself!) and she is also a strong advocate for youth empowerment. She is such an inspirational girl and she really shows her funky, artistic side through her own individualized style.

Bill: The Local Librarian

I happened to catch this librarian after he was heading out from work for the day. Of course, if you hang it in front of the library all day, you’re bound to come across at least couple librarians! He has a very sophisticated style that works great with his occupation while giving him some much needed comfort for the day! Bill is wearing a navy and white vertically striped collar shirt, paired with a pair of beige pants which cost around $50 at Mark’s (Denver Hayes brand), along with a light brown leather belt. Both the shirt and the belt were Christmas and birthday gifts. He tops off the look with some fancy black leather work shoes which cost $100 from Clark’s. He says he generally doesn’t put much thought into his style, but regardless, he still pulls off this look pretty well! After all, once you’ve truly found your own authentic style, putting together outfits to reflect on it is a breeze!! Bill has a passion for reading and running, and he is so lucky to work at the beautiful Truro Public Library!

Islay: The Casual Camper

Beautiful Islay loves to camp! Every summer, she tours around our province with her family exploring nature and visiting provincial and national parks. Personally, I have never camped before, but I would sure love to try it, as it is one of the best ways to get up and close with the beauty of nature. A frequent camper needs a practical, comfortable, and easy-going style, and her attire serves all of those purposes while adding a casual, colorful flair. She looks super happy and confident in this picture, and in the end, it isn’t the clothes that matter, it is how you wear them. She is 16 years old and with her love of ballet, piano, reading and photography, she is living the teenage dream! Islay’s rayon and spandex black tank top which she got at Warehouse One for $15 looks great with her blue denim shorts from American Eagle, which is one of her absolute favorite stores! She snatched the shorts up for approximately $40!! And finally, her cute sandals were from Sport Chek, cost $40, and are made of yoga mat and fabric! They have a beautiful knitted pattern of pinks, oranges, and blues.  Although her outfit is fairly simple, it is adventurous and adorable, just like her!  Islay attends the local Acadian school and is currently working at the French Community Centre day camps for kids! She is a sweet and kind girl and she rocks this outfit even more with her great personality!

I sure had a great day photographing fashion icons on Prince Street, right in the heart of downtown Truro! There are so many unique styles and colors, and it’s really an eye-opening when you can stop, slow down, and appreciate the self-expression in your own community. I am so grateful to live in a country where I can express myself anyway I want, and one of the best ways to do that is by the means of personal style. Clothing tell us a lot about a person, they can show their current mood, their career, and even where they live or where they have traveled to! But in the end, fashion is not only about what you wear, it is about how you present yourself to the outside world. To be a stylish person, you must first have a stylish personality, and although trends may change, a good heart never goes out of style!





Kayla country girl on Queen St in New Brunswick

East Coast Girl on Queen Street in New Brunswick

By Breanna, Miss Teen Maritimes 2017

On a beautiful Wednesday evening on Queen St in New Brunswick, I was able to take some lovely shots of Kayla.  She was so nice to have taken the time to do a mini photo shoot. Although she’s actually really used to it, considering she’s modeled for Facade International, and is very talented as well as beautiful. Her modelling career is going great! But this girl is also very intelligent. She’s hoping to become a lawyer and go to college in the upcoming years. However, before she does all that, she dreams of taking a year off. The reason would surprise you. She said, ” I want to take a year off first to go on a humanitarian trip to Africa to help the less fortunate because I feel like I’ve been very blessed in life and should give back”. And if you know Kayla like I do, you know that she’s crazy for pageants. She’s always done them and will hopefully continue on! So far, she’s been in 4 pageants. Luckily, she’s got her family there to support her. She has a mother and a father, 2 brothers and 2 rabbits. She’s got an amazing personality and she’s got a lot to offer the world!

As you can see by the outstanding pictures, Kayla is wearing such a beautiful outfit. This is her style and she wears this kind of thing all the time. Starting with her glasses, they are very cute and goes really well with the whole look. They are Michael Kors and these glasses are a bit metallic and original. For their high quality, the glasses she is wearing for this look are worth 360$.

Kayla’s top is actually not from Canada. She bought it for approximately 49$ from Calvin Klein in New York, US when she went dress shopping for one of her pageants! It has this beautiful navy-blue tone to it with white cross lines. Also known as plaid. There are a few buttons in the middle of the shirt. And unlike some tops, they are workable and aren’t sewed on only for looks. She’s worn it multiple times, I don’t blame her because it goes really good with her hair.

Moving on to her casual long black skinny jeans, they were purchased at Garage in Moncton, NB. Almost as expensive as the top, these 62% cotton jeans where around 50$. Luckily these jeans have pockets that are not sewed on. Even though there aren’t any big designs on them, the dark black colour made it match really nicely with the top. So, this girl really knows how to mix and match!

For the beautiful sandals that Kayla’s wearing, they seem to be a very beautifully, silky texture. They were also bought in Moncton, NB at La Vie en Rose in the mall. The price of these are surprisingly low considering how lovely they are and how comfortable they are made. And the bright white makes them stand out from the outfit and gives it a little bit of colour, like the shirt.

This young lady isn’t wearing much for accessories, but she does have a black hair tie located on her wrist. Because that’s just how it is with us girls with long hair, always have to have one close by! All the pieces of clothing the beautiful Kayla has chosen for this specific purpose, go perfectly together and you could never go wrong with this look! You could also wear it pretty much anywhere since it’s causal yet a bit sophisticated. And hopefully it has given other girls maybe an idea of what could suit them.










Ottaw amily fashion , mother daughter summer dresses

Family Fashion at Tanger Outlets in Ottawa

By Jesika,  Miss Teen Ottawa 2017

I get inspired when it comes to fashion; I love the fact that you have different styles to work with, different types of clothing (dresses, shorts, blouses etc). Sometimes we shop looking for something specifc in a store, and other times we just cruise around soaking it up. That’s just what happens at Tanger Outlets in Ottawa.

When it comes to clothing, everything is specific. Its a choice whether you like that new ‘Louis Vuitton’ Rose Ballerine Shoulder Flap Bag? or those ‘Gucci’ Ace Embroidered White Leather Sneakers?  Then you’re always choosing a colour and look that suits your taste… Whether you prefer those gold heels or silver heels? Do you like those strappy heels or those full-on covered heels? Who knows?! But what I do know is that whatever you’re wearing will show people around you what your type of style is, when you’re wearing something then it can compliment your face, your body type etc, but most of all it can catch someone’s eye. That’s what I meant when I was talking about the fact that fashion and clothing can be specific because when we buy something then we want it to fit our needs.

Now as I can say even though most of us love GUCCI or LOUIS VUITTON, than sometimes or anytime it can’t fit our budget,  this is why I wanted to show you the fashion that I am totally into, that will definitely make the cut into your budget!

At Tanger Outlets in Ottawa, in the pictures below, three lovely young ladies model beautiful clothes with an equally attractive price tag. Clothes don’t have to be expensive to look great!

First, let me start off with introducing you to these lovely ladies. These three ladies are Sonya and her two girls, Cameron and fashion in Ottawa at the outlet mall

I personally thought that writing a blog post about the outfits of a mother and her daughters would be adorable and that’s exactly what I did! These girls are showing off their inner style and honestly I am totally loving it! As for most people by now must be intrigued to find out the prices for these clothes, I’ll just have to get right into it!

Sonya’s outfit looks simple but great. Her outfit includes a white dress with black designs all over, styled with brown sandals as well as a pair of black sunglasses.

Sonya (Mom):
Her Dress was from ‘OLD NAVY’ for $29
Shoes are from ‘GUESS’ for $29
Sunglasses are also from ‘GUESS’ for $29
Total Price Of Full Outfit= $87

Moving on to Cameron (Oldest Daughter):

Cameron and her outfit look super pretty! Cameron’s outfit has some pop of color to it with a zip-up dress and might I add beautifully patterned dress with Gold sandals.

Cameron’s Outfit Prices:
The Dress is from ‘The Bay’ for $40
Shoes are from ‘JOE FRESH’ for $19
Total Price Of Full Outfit: $59

Last but definitely not least, Mackenzie’s outfit! Makenzie looked absolutely adorable in her outfit which was a light colored butterfly dress with Hot Pink sandals.

Mackenzie’s Outfit Prices:
Her Dress is from ‘H & M’ for only $5
Her Shoes are from ‘JOE FRESH’ for $19

Total Price of Full Outfit: $24

All in all, as you can tell these outfits were hits! They weren’t designer clothes but looked fantastic paired with the right pair of shoes! I hope you all have found some inspiration from this blog post! Now maybe, you know what stores to shop at, for the perfect gift for the right price!

Before I say, my goodbye’s until Pageant Week, I want to give big thanks to Sonya, Cameron, and Mackenzie for helping me out because without them than I wouldn’t have been able to write this blog post!






Bringing Out Your Inner Beauty in London Ontario

by Miana, Miss Teenage Ontario 2017

Society often conforms to copy the latest styles and trends of today’s fashion icons. I believe its essential to pull inspiration for all of our role models, and create a look that highlights our individuality. In order to look good, it really is important that you feel your best in what you’re wearing that day or occasion. These are my 3 most useful tips when pulling together a masterpiece and staying true to yourself. I like to call this the guide, Bringing Out Your Inner Beauty.

I am showcasing an outfit on myself, Miana aka Miss Teenage Ontario 2017, which is a true reflection of my style and my personality. I’m an 18 year old who just graduated from high school and is ready to take on the world. Although my generation is heavily influenced by all types of media, I’d like to believe I’ve managed to dress in a fashion that is truly expressive of who I am. Following my 3-step guide, I composed this “Playful Couture” look.

Miana’s Guide to Picking the Perfect Outfit

My three step fashion guide can be followed for any occasion.

  1. Follow Your Vision

Principally, choose what emotion/mood you want to convey depending how you feel, whether it’s a mature look, a careless vibe, or even a sassy style. With this in mind, you will know exactly what’s working while searching for the perfect outfit, and definitely know what isn’t right. This vibe comes from within, but will be showcased, as your vision becomes a reality while creating this outfit.

While creating my “Playful Couture” look, I focused on bringing out my inner confidence. I wanted to create a mature look, while still bringing out my playful side. A stunning clothing boutique named “Jordan Stewart”, in my hometown, London, Ontario gave me the privilege to shop around their beautiful store for the perfect outfit. They have fairytale dresses, sophisticated jumpsuits and show stopping two pieces, which made choosing this outfit a little challenging. But, I remembered to stay true to Step 1 of my guide, and I was able to pick an outfit that was reflective of my inner confidence, while remaining playful yet sophisticated.

  1. Stay True To You

Secondly, while concentrating on your desired feel of the outfit, keep in mind that not every article of clothing will be perfect for you. Choose pieces that highlight your shape and complexion in order to make you shine. Choose to accentuate your curves, waist or even make your neckline the focal point. Remember that YOU are the artwork and your outfit is only adding to the beauty that it lays upon. It is essential to stay patient while shopping or trying on outfits so that you can optimize your experience.

In my opinion, this step is my favourite because it really allows you to be authentic. While trying on many different outfits at Jordan Stewart, this bold two-piece fit like glove and felt so right. I love the fact that the pink and white contrasts so nicely on my bronzed skin. These bright colours are not only a reflection of my inner character, but also my positive outlook on life. I chose to accentuate my waistline by wearing this peaking cropped shirt with the matching high waist pant. I love how this outfit resembles a mature pantsuit, yet is so playful as there is a flowy ruffle overlaying the top. This two-piece is named, “Where is Ken”, referring to the playfulness of it, likewise to Barbie. This fit is so seamless as it is Polyester and is the perfect outfit for a summer day being so light and airy as well.

Outfit @ Jordan Stewart:

“Where is Ken” top by Luxxel. $55

“Where is Ken” bottoms by Luxxel. $69

98% Polyester 2%Spandex

  1. Perfect your masterpiece

Following your vision, and staying true to you will make this last step effortless. At this point, you will have an outfit that matches your desired mood while being mindful of what works for your individuality. Perfecting your masterpiece is your overall feeling from within. You must feel proud of who you are and how you are representing yourself for the occasion. It is essential not to seek acceptance from others, but to find the beauty in your own fashion. To pull your look together, find accessories that compliment your vision.

When completing my look, I knew it was perfect for me by the way I felt in it. This outfit radiates positivity and is a perfect match. Now that I am confident with the clothes I’m accentuating my body with, it’s time to further accessorize. I have chosen to pair this outfit up with a simple silver strapped 3.5” heel for added shine. I also chose a chunky silver watch to accent the amazing checkered pattern. Lastly, I put on pair of simple silver hoops to keep this look timeless. This outfit was the statement piece alone, so the simple silver accessories just embellish this “Playful Couture” look.

Shoes: Casper D’Orsay with Ankle Strap Heels in Silver by Bamboo

Watch: Marciano

An amazing local photographer, Ivan, captured this “Playful Couture” style in the downtown of the city I was born and raised in, London, Ontario. Our downtown runs all through Richmond Street, therefore we call it Richmond Row. Richmond Row has immensely inspired this look because it is full of all my favourite places, from the best vegan restaurants and cutest coffee shops, all the way to my favourite clothing boutique, Jordan Stewart. Another special part about Richmond Row is that there is the most beautiful park named, Victoria Park, where exciting festivals are held all summer. This perfect outfit was captured in July, the ideal season to rock this outfit in the park at the Food Festival or at the Sun festival. All of these amusing activities have helped shape this outfit and inspired it to be truly playful.

All in all, each outfit you wear should be a reflection of your personal inner beauty, rather than just following trends. Create your own looks to showcase your courageous individuality that way you can always walk with confidence.





fashion in stephensville

Hometown Fashion in Stephenville Newfoundland

by Jessica, Miss Teen East Coast 2017

When I first arranged this photo session with my girls, I’m not sure what they were more excited about, the fact they got to dress up in the fanciest clothes they could find, or that they were both going to have a million pictures they could post on Instagram. They are absolutely incredible, and a big thank-you goes out to the both of them for not only doing this for me, but doing it so well.

chariscusco fashion in Stephensville Newfoundland

Mackenzie, is 17 years old, and her favorite sports are volleyball and running away from her phone when I’m looking for her. She has the face of an angel and a heart just as pure. Mackenzie, or Kenz is one of the kindest souls I’ve ever met, but her saucy personality will always keep you laughing.  She’s one of my greatest friends, and I do not know where I’d be without her.

Kenz golden hour in Stephensville

She jumped at the chance to dress up, even if it was only for a couple pictures, as we both work with a kids’ summer program and make-up is a foreign object that is not heard of while working with kids. She jumped out of her athletic wear and into a gorgeous piece by Nightway. This long romper is composed of a composition of a form fitting top and lose bottom, 95% polyester and 5% spandex blend this is the perfect jumpsuit for casual or a more fancy occasion. The wide straps make the fit comfortable, while the mesh deep v-neck gives this jumpsuit style and flare, the form fitting waist line accentuates the waist to give her an incredible shape. The flow from the hips to the ankles give this piece sophistication, the black is, well- black will always be the best color to wear. This piece was purchased from Winners for a price of $49.99, on her feet was a chunky, floral wedge from Spring.

Kenze in floral dress in Stephensville NewfoundlandSarah; 18 years old, I don’t know what she enjoys more; spending money on makeup or David’s Tea, but she will make you laugh until your stomach cramps without even trying it. Sarah has been a best friend since we were younger and never will there ever be a dull moment with this sweetheart, still she is one of the kindest humans I know and I cherish our friendship to the highest.

Where she works as a life guard, also at the summer program with me and Mackenzie, she was thrilled at the chance to dress up. Sarah slipped into a stunning black summer dress, thick straps again for comfort, an elastic at the waist to accentuate her amazing waist line, a lace finish all around the bottom for style and an open back concept to bring out the true feeling of summer. This polyester and spandex blend was purchased at Garage for a retail price of $39.99. This dress was just as flattering as fun for Sarah but it was the floral kimono that truly brought out her personality. The black kimono with white and pink accented flowers gave the look a flow and pulled forward Sarah’s outgoing and incredible personality, the pictures surly speak a thousand words. The kimono was purchased from Pseudio, a 95% polyester and 5% spandex blend was made by My Beloved and purchased for a sale price of $29.99. On her feet were a strappy black velvet sandal with a small chunky heel that tied up the ankle.

“In the streets of my hometown” I wanted to take this phrase abstract and literally. First I took the girls to Port Harmon, for those of you that have not visited Stephenville, this may be the most popular place to take an evening drive, walk, cycle, even roller blade. It is a very long road along the shoreline that leads to a smaller area of cabins and a dock for larger shipping vessels. Since we came from a fishing community I thought this would be a good place to have the girls show off their fashion and also represent where we came from. We started taking pictures here around 8:30 pm because the sun was not completely set and it made for an excellent background to the pictures, the mood was perfect.

late summer nights in Stephensville Newfoundland fashion promenadeAround 9:15 pm we relocated to Bruce Boulevard Street when there was still some light left in the sky but the flash on the camera could bring out the girls to highlight their outfits rather than the surroundings. This street is where our high school is located, Stephenville High School. After just graduating high school in June, it made me realize that most people in my town spent the better part of four years in this building, whether they were a good or bad experience it will always be a place people remember. So, having the girls model in the dusk on this street was also a good representation of our small town. The simplicity of just houses, cars, and street lamps in the background really just capture the small town feel, we are not very extravagant in Stephenville but still special in our own way.

I’m sure I had just as much fun taking pictures of these girls as they did getting their pictures taken, never do I stop laughing when I’m with these two dolls. It was such a fun, different experience and I love how much this journey has influenced me to try new and exciting things. Jess






Fashion time on Renfrew

Fashion on Raglan Street in Renfrew Ontario

By Sophia,  Miss Teenage Eastern Ontario 2017

Take one historical street in small town Eastern Ontario, add a selection of unique boutiques offering a variety of fashion choices, compliment it with a selection of wonderful women from various generations and you have a snapshot of Fashion in the Valley!

Renfrew Ave and Raglan St.Raglan Street in Renfrew, Ontario will provide you with just that mix!  The street itself has been in existence since the early 1800s and although obviously transformed over the decades it remains the hub for exceptional fashion in the Valley.  The architectural structures can date back to the late 1800s and today’s merchants have enhanced the historical features and have captured the essence of yesteryear in their store facades.  Strolling down Raglan Street (main street Renfrew) is a lovely way to spend an afternoon and certainly personifies STREET CHIC in the fashions that can be found in this hidden Valley gem!

Chanto & Co. sewing studio, knitting supplies store on Renfrew

Chanto & Co. started out as a business providing intricate seamstress services and has transformed into a beautiful storefront offering a wide selection of gowns; wedding, prom and special occasion in addition to the seamstress services.

Abby in front of Chanto Co grocery store

Abby is a student at Algonquin College in Ottawa and often shops on Raglan Street in Renfrew.  Abby is wearing a gorgeous teal embellished Ellie Wilde gown which retails for $498.00.

Blue Florasl Dress at Chanto & CoI couldn’t let the opportunity go by without modelling one of these amazing gowns as well.  I found a memorable blue floral  MORILEE gown that I fell in love with.  The gown retails for $498.00 and would be a show-stopper at prom or gracing  a pageant runway.

Venturing down Raglan Street I came upon one of the oldest family owned businesses in existence in Renfrew; Scott’s Shoe Store.

Scotts Shoes on Raglawn in Renfrew Ontario

Scott’s Shoe Store has been serving people for over 123 years!  The store has transformed over the years from focusing just on footwear to include a full line of active wear and offers all of the main line sports designers.

Scotts Shoe Golfcourse attire

I put together a complete head to toe  outfit featuring Adidas leggings, Columbia shirt, matching orange Birkenstocks and topped off with a must-have Columbia cap.  The complete outfit would retail for $189.65.  I am ready for the Golf Course!

#8 Keeping Company in Renfrew Ontario

Then it was into Keeping Company & Ella’s fashions; a lovely shop featuring beautiful gifts, jewelry and a complete array of high end fashion pieces featuring Joseph Ribkoff dresses. 

Renfrew fashion, black Josef Ribkoff dress with tiger stripe highlights

I found Gladys in the store looking for a dress for an upcoming wedding. Gladys is a retired school teacher and an avid volunteer in the community.  At 78 years of age she looks youthful and absolutely styling in her newly acquired black Josef Ribkoff dress with tiger stripe highlights.  The dress retails for $98.89.

Dash of Fab The next stop on my Raglan Street fashion discovery tour was a gorgeous boutique called DASH of FAB!  The store is aptly named!  It features a variety of fashion lines from LA and New York, wonderful accessories and a lovely selection of handbags and wallets.  Guess who I found at Dash of Fab?  My friend and cancer survivor Paige.

Paige was trying on a fun and comfortable fuchsia pink dress with a bright coloured shawl-like off the shoulder neckline.  Absolutely adorable!  Meeting Paige outside the store and accompanying Paige in the photo in their full uniform (their compulsory fashion attire) are two of the area’s Police officers.  A true “street shot!”

Pick It Fence, fashion in Renfrew

I talked Paige into joining me for the remainder of my tour to be my fashion consultant!  We had a great time visiting PICK IT FENCE, a lovely store that features a selection of fashions and gift items.

Mary was in Pick It Fence looking for a fun and comfortable everyday outfit so we helped her choose this eye-catching outfit; a pair of brightly printed leggings, a classic white tee with shoulder cutouts and topped it off with the large stone necklace.  The entire outfit came in at just under $56.00!

Shoe Lounge on Raglawn in Renfrew

Then it was off to The Shoe Lounge, a quaint and classy shop featuring fashion forward footwear and accessories.

I had to model these unique MAEL boots hand made in Quebec, individually painted and shellacked.  They are a MUST HAVE for me!

Paige is modelling her favourite; Steve Madden Softies;  fun, comfy and oh so cute!

I just couldn’t get enough of the shoes and had to have a photo taken in their fun shoe chair that is out on the street in the summer months for promotional purposes. 

outside shoe lounge on Raglawn in Renfrew

Check how my Simon Cheng bag, my KISS/KISS boots and my Eye to Eye sunglasses all match perfectly with the chair!  Takes Street Chic to a whole new level.

Heartsong Yoga

Our last stop on the Raglan Street tour was Heartsong Yoga.  What an incredibly special store.  The shop features fashions and accessories from all over the world, all handcrafted and organic.

rainbow dress - yoga studio in Renfrew

I chose this fun and funky handmade dress and scarf from India.  I love the way the material feels and the colours are so vibrant.  You can’t help but to feel happy in this dress!  A true find at $64.99!

Venturing into small town Valley shops is a definite must for fashion adventurers.  I guarantee you will find incredible deals, high fashion designers, locally made items and  some very unique fashion choices.  Visit Raglan Street in Renfrew and you will also get to meet some of the nicest people in the retail industry.






fashion in The Forks

Street Style at The Forks

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak – Rachel Zoe

The fashion of Winnipeg is as diverse as the city itself. From the antique buildings along King street in the Exchange District, to the modern Canadian Museum of Human Rights located at the Forks, to the unique and eclectic taste along Portage Avenue, there will always be someone whose style and fashion is noticed.

The location for the pictures included is none other than The Forks, Winnipeg. The Forks is a historic site in downtown Winnipeg, located where the Red River and the Assiniboine Rivers meet. It contains an interpretive park, revitalized historic and new buildings, a skateboard park, and a historic port. This location has served as the meeting place for many, for over six thousand years, and is still a popular place to meet today. Due to the cultural landscape experienced over such a long time, in 1974 The Forks was designated a National Historic Site of Canada.

Currently, The Forks is one of Winnipeg’s most beloved locations, framed by the banks of the two rivers. It is Winnipeg’s number one tourist destination with over four million visitors annually. From going on a river boat tour in the summer to skating on the frozen river in the winter, there is always something fun to do, regardless of the season. It is a constantly changing slate of entertainment and events, with many attractions throughout the site’s natural, historic, and man-made features.

The first photo at The Forks was taken in the pathways of the large flower garden. It features Leanza wearing a floral sleeveless shirt from Zara, Pilcro Em Jeans from Anthropologie ($138), white lace floral Keds from SoftMoc ($44.99) and a Floral-border bandana from Anthropologie ($18). This is one outfit that she would wear doing errands or while studying at university.

Leanza is a university student, who is finishing up her Masters of Interior Design at the University of Manitoba next spring. She already has one degree under her belt, Bachelor of Environmental Design (B.Envd.), and is ready to start working in the field! She understands the concept of light and dimension, and uses them to her fullest in her projects and outfits, whether she is busy studying, going shopping, or hard at work.

Standing at 5”, Leanza is a petite young women who knows how to accessorize! Whether she plays up the accessories, the bags or her heels, she can rock any outfit she tries on. Leanza has experience working in the retail industry, and believes that this exposure has helped to define her style.

The next photo was taken while on the viewing platform on the six storey tower of The Forks Market. The market began as two adjacent stables, which were then joined together by a courtyard and bridges. Today, the market has 2 stories of vendors where you can find many unique gifts, artwork and food.

For the second outfit, a versatile piece that could be worn while working or even to a wedding, Leanza is wearing a floral jumpsuit “Plenty by Tracy Reese Gwyneth” from Anthropologie ($168), Brelawien fuschia heels from Call it Spring ($22.49 on sale), and finished her look with a black wool floppy hat from H&M.

Leanza’s style can be defined by Feminine and Boho chic, comprised of mostly florals and neu   trals. She embraces her column silhouette in billowy shapes, and adds interest with a unique accessory or a pair of shoes. As Shawn Ashmore said, “Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality,” and I believe that this holds true for Leanza, as well as many others.

Yorkton fashion Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Fashion in Yorkton

By Helli, 2017 Miss South Eastern Saskatchewan World

Everywhere I go in my little town I see people wearing completely different, yet fashionable outfits. It’s amazing to see the creativity of the locals when it comes to fashion, and how two people can wear opposite trends and still pull it off perfectly. When I stroll around the streets of my hometown, I find a fashionable scene on every corner. Everybody looks stunning in whatever fashion they have chosen to compliment themselves with.

fashion church sask
I can’t decide which street would be the most ideal to label as the most fashionable street, however there is one place that means so much to all the residents here and that is the church. This church is located on Catherine St of Yorkton, Saskatchewan. I consider this street to be a very versatile street with its fashion choices. This is because people from all age groups come to this street wearing different trends and styles.

Catherine Street provides no fashion boutiques, but it is amazing to see the different trends people sport. Seniors tend to wear amazing pastel colors and old trend clothing, while the teenagers and youth tend to wear colours that brighten up the street and sport the latest fashions. It is a street where you can spot people from all age ranges and see the unique fashions present within the age groups. I decided to go to the street myself, and present the my own street fashion and photograph it.

green body suit for church in Saskatchewan

Helli in a green body suit, skirt and heels.

The first look I went for was a green bodysuit, that was $24.99 at Winners bought in Yorkton, and paired it up with some classic black and white shorts purchased at $10.99 from Ardennes also bought in Yorkton. This bodysuit and shorts look has been a big hype on all social media platforms and it has not gone away still. It is a look that a lot of young females have sported every now and then. Whether that be for taking a stroll in the mall or going out to the beach, a bodysuit has become a top trend in every girl’s closet this year.

Helli in a fashionable romper on Catherine Street in Yorkton Saskatchewan

The next look I portrayed at Catherine St was a fancy, yet fashionable romper. Rompers have taken over the fashion world the last couple of years and this one is a perfect, fancy romper that is perfect to wear into the church as well. It is black and white and made completely of lace! It was purchased from Rosegal for $14.99 along with the black stilettos that were $19.99. I adore this look because it is a perfect look for a night out as well as for a walk in the park. I love outfits that serve both as a day look and a night look because picking out clothes for both the day and the ngiht is a stressful job that this romper has taken care of.

saskatchewan blog fashion, Yorkton,

Helli in a sweater by Zaful with Lululemon Leggings

The last look of this street is a very casual and autumn outfit. I love how versatile fashion on this street is. It is very easy to sport a casual outfit here or an outfit that is for fancy purposes. This outfit consists of a knitted sweater which is so comfortable and so in demand these past few years. The sweater is from Zaful for $34.99 paired with Lululemon Leggings at $99.99 accessorized with a hat from Forever 21 for $14.99. To pull this whole look off and make it more trendy was to pair it off with some moccasins from Minnetonka for $49.99.

While one street can present so many different people with different styles, it is wonderful to be sporting three different styles on one street myself. I love how individuals here choose their fashion and everybody’s definition of fashion is different. On Catherine St in Yorkton, everybody is allowed to sport any style they wish to, just like I did! The essential thing to becoming a fashionista is to be versatile and unique!





Kelowna street fashion bristish columbia

Ladies Fashion for Hot Summer on Bernard Street in Kelowna, BC

by Natalie, 2017 Miss British Columbia World

Its July and 36 degrees in Kelowna’s fashion street; its hot on Bernard Street!!

Kelowna is known for its hot, dry summers and today is proof of that!  The city is surrounded by the beautiful Okanagan Lake and beaches like Gyro Beach are hopping!  Especially today, most of the residents are probably skipping work to escape for a dip in the lake, just to cool down!

Kelowna is located in interior BC, but there is a lot of fashion influence from the major city of Vancouver (which is only 4 hours away). Kelowna is also surrounded by orchards and wineries. Some of my favorite wineries in the Okanagan are: Quails Gate Winery and Mt.Boucherie Winery. With all the amazing wineries in Kelowna there are amble opportunities to dress up in cute Kelowna fashions on the way to different wine tastings.

Which bring me back to Bernard street where I have found some models who are not wearing bikinis and captured a few fashionista’s right downtown Kelowna modeling some hot summer styles! Bernard Street has an eclectic mix of boutiques and clothing shops, restaurants, outdoor cafes and ice cream stops.

Hanna wears a pattern dress from Forever 21

Hanna wears a pattern dress from Forever 21

Hanna is seen here wearing a cute summer dress by Forever 21. Her styling leather purse is Marc Jacobs and she’s wearing her comfy Converse sneakers! Hannah is a 28 year old working professional in Kelowna. Hannah likes to dress up but still feel comfortable while she balances working two jobs. She needs her clothing to be versatile, cute, and practical. For the hot summers in Kelowna, Hanna loves to throw on sun dresses.

Further down Bernard Street, I found the stylish boutique Blonde, which has been a popular shopping stop in Kelowna since 2004.

nicole in blue dress

Nicole in a 100% rayon, teal blue maxi dress by Love Stitch

Inside, I found Nicole, who was rocking her boho chic look that was all outfitted by Blonde. Nicole was wearing a 100% rayon, teal blue maxi dress by Love Stitch, which sells for $109.00 in the store. She accented it with the Brixton white hat that retails for $95.00 and her shoes were Steve Madden. Nicole set off her whole outfit with a funky necklace, made by who else? Nicole! She designs and makes jewelry that is all sold in the store, this piece for $40.00 so just check out for more of her designs.

The coolest (did I say coolest, which it isn’t today!) part about Kelowna’s Bernard Street is . . . when you get to the end of it, you’re right at the beach and City Park of Okanagan Lake. Anyone that works downtown, like I do, can take their lunch break right at the beach!

fashion at madeline at beach in Kelowna British Columbia

Madeline wears blouse at Kelowna British Columbia

It was here that I found Madeline, a University of British Columbia Okanagan student. She was on a job hunt, as she just finished her spring classes at University of British Columbia Okanagan, the week before. No better place to pose than in front of the “Sails” statue that is right on the end of Bernard Street.

Madeline’s fabulous shoes were from Top Shop and her black pants were from Latest Scoop in Vancouver. Garage outfitted her in her shirt and hat, with her necklace from Pyrrha and Madeline sported a Marc Jacobs purse to complete her look. Thank you for allowing us to capture your style, Madeline!

Now you know it! When you visit the beautiful Okanagan area of British Columbia, you must spend some time right downtown Kelowna on Bernard Street enjoying the awesome cafes and the unique boutiques on Bernard Street.  In the summer in downtown Kelowna, there are cafes, lives music, festivals, and so much to see and do.

Have a look and then go have a dip!