Small Town Fashion in Alberta

by Nicole, 2017 Miss Woodlands County World

Small towns hold all sorts of secrets, and good fashion is one of them.  Fashion tends to be linked to the bright lights and busy life of the big cities, however if you take the time to drive to a small town or are lucky enough to live in one, you’ll find fashion thrives in these tiny locales, and individuality is very vogue. If you can own your own style, you’ll stand out and inspire others around you every day.

Meet Shanelle, a beauty aesthetician who has always been inspired by the fashion industry; she feels like its been prompting her to join. She takes great pride in letting her individuality shine through her fashion choices. Whether she’s working her magic on clients or strolling through our small town streets Shanelle always likes to look her best and showcase her unique fashion. Being in the beauty industry she likes to change up her fashion choices consistently.

Shanelle in Woodlands County Alberta

Shanelle in floral dress embodies small town fashion in Woodlands Co, Alberta.

Shanelle loves floral patterns and is always looking for ways to mix and match. In the summer heat this floral “boohoo” dress is perfect for summer fun and night time cocktails. It’s really the best of both worlds day or night. Paired with red flats from “Aldo”, the bold colour brings out the floral and Shanelle is ready for anything looking pretty and polished. Her inspiration comes from all around her, “Everything blooms in the summer, so I like to pull from that in my wardrobe”.

Shopping in a small town tends to leave you limited but if you can mix and match you’ll find yourself with endless possibilities. Here Shanelle switched it up a bit to show summer does not have to be all about dresses! Bring out your own style anyway you can. Confidence is key, it’s not the clothes that make the girl but the girl that makes the clothes.

Shanelle rocks this “boohoo” body suit. “Boohoo” is a great brand she loves due to the great prices.  Who says you can’t look good on a budget? Paired with Vigoss skinny jeans and of course Aldo sneaker wedge shoes once again she’s ready to take on anything. Add some bling and she’s ready for a night out.

Small town fashion girl in Alberta

Shanelle in black body suit with ripped Vigoss jeans and Aldo sneaker wedge shoes.

Shanelle was such an easy subject to show off Street Chic she shows how great of adversity a small town has to offer for fashion. The final look she wanted to showcase is very boho chic. Shanelle loves to sport everywhere from floating down the river to lunches with friends and family.

Showing off her artsy side, Shanelle poses outside a local art store. Her dress from “Express” compliments her loose curls and sun kissed face. Paired with J.J’s shoes from a little clothing store located in our small town “workers wear house”.  Shanelle is the definition of small town fashion. Her own uniqueness shines through and is showcased beautifully in her wardrobe. I was extremely happy and lucky to get to work with Shanelle and to introduce her to Street Chic.

Fashion is everywhere you look as well as inspiration, and while big cities hold the claim to fame for fashion it really is inside each individual. Rocking your own unique style will always be in so don’t be afraid to be yourself. Shanelle showcased a spectrum of fashion and shined in every piece she wore from head to toe. This is a girl who knows how to shop on a budget and still look great.








Street Fashion all over Toronto

Street Fashion at University of Toronto

By Alice Li, 2017 Miss Toronto World

Today, we will be talking all things FASHION about Toronto! As the reigning Miss Toronto, I will share with you my fashionista find of the day 😉

First off, I love everything about fashion design and I’ve got a bit of that designing urge in myself. Fun fact: my favorite article of clothing to design is long evening gowns – absolutely beautiful and the more glamorous, the better! Check out some of my own hand-sewn pieces below:

glamour in Toronto

Alice models a hand sewn evening dress that she designed and made herself.

Now let’s get right into it: I went around today to the University of Toronto, where young fashion is always thriving with sparks. I know that for myself, attending the University of Toronto gave me the opportunity to explore my sense of style and meet like-minded people. That’s why I decided it would be a good location to look for our it-girl of the day!

Street Chic Girl
Meet Pamela, who is a student studying genetics and biology. She literally caught my eye from a mile away – she’s got that confidence and it-factor to her walk. When I saw her, she was just making her way across campus on Toronto’s Hoskin Avenue. It was close to Trinity College, one of the University’s well-known historic buildings.

Pamela works and studies at the University of Toronto

Pamela is looking very fashionable on Hoskin Ave at the University of Toronto.   Photo by Alice Li

I chatted with Pamela for a few minutes to get to know her and find out more about her style. She is already an inspiration to me for keeping up her wardrobe during class! Managing school, jobs, and looking great all at once is definitely not easy. 😛 Let’s get the inside scoop on what she’s wearing!

What is She Wearing? 
Pamela is pulling off a black spandex bodysuit from Urban Outfitters ($29). It looks perfect for summer – something I can definitely see myself wearing. It matches so well with her hair! Both her light-wash jeans ($29) and leather shoes are from Urban Planet ($39). The rain-drop shaped earrings are from Ardenes ($8) and adds a nice touch to finish off her look. If you saw them in person, you would’ve seen in the intricate diamond design on these fabulous earrings! Pamela is from Toronto, and these are pieces you could find at almost any mall in the area!

Pamela is a student at university of Toronto

Pamela is wearing a black body suit from Urban Outfitters, faded blue jeans and leather shoes.  Photo by Alice Li

I loved this look especially because she kept it simple yet stylish. I noticed the trend in the black colours she had going on, which made her jeans really pop. You never want to put too many distractions together in one look, and Pamela balanced this out perfectly! Plus, she pulled everything off on an affordable budget!

Our Street Chic girl of the day is truly an example of beauty and brain! Not only is she an aspiring genetic counsellor, she also has her own sense of style. We actually edited these pictures a little for color balance because I found out we had something in common – we both like to be perfectionists! We pretty much had an impromptu photo shoot right on the streets of downtown Toronto! 😀

Alice models a chic hand-sewn black evening dress at Metro Convention Centre.

Alice models her own fashion, a hand-sewn black evening dress at Metro Convention Centre.

Do You Have Street Chic?
Are you street chic? Make sure to use the hashtag #streetchic and join in on this new state of mind! Street Chic is looking for inspirational fashion all over the country. Toronto has many areas that are hot spots for fashion! One of the most well-known area is Queen west, where lots of cute little stores line up down the street and give this city new dimensions.

If you ask me, I would argue that Toronto’s financial district is also buzzing with style. I always see guys sporting suits with personality and girls in their best heels. Next time, we will move our search there for our next street fashion inspiration! Wouldn’t you also agree that office fashion is really becoming the trend lately?

Stay tuned with our official blog, as lots of posts are on the way! Show us the best street fashion from your town, city, or province!