Brown pants and shirt and hair in Montreal

The Browner The Better in Montreal

By Allison, Miss Teenage Montreal 2017

Fashion! Yes, you’ve heard it. Because everyone likes to look stylish once in a while.  Am I wrong ?

In my hometown of Montreal, I saw this beautiful lady walking down the street with this type of retro style and… I felt in love with it! It was Wednesday of last week. We were near Kent Park, very close to l’Hôpital Général Juif in Côtes-des-neiges. She and her husband, Alfred seemed lost when I approached them. She smelt like peaches and other fruits and she told me she was wearing some dolce and Gabana mixed with a less expensive product. I thought she was a model because of her beautiful face. I got to know her a little bit and later, I took a picture of her.

Brown pants and shirt and hair in Montreal

The Queen of Brown

Her name is Elizabeth, but everyone calls her Elly. She is currently studying in communications in Italy and she has come to Montreal for a vacation. When younger, she used to model clothes,but stopped five years ago. At that time, she met Alfred, a handsome blue-eyed men with blond hair. They are currently planning their wedding for next year. Elizabeth is also anxious to visit the Old-Port of Montreal and to try our poutine. She’s always dreamed of visiting here. 

The first thing that attracted me was her look was the deliberate combination of browns. These brown jeans give her an elegant look especially when combined with her brown boots. Her high-heeled boots in false leather fit with her brown, sort of squared sunglasses. Combined with her long white sleeve shirt, she is gorgeous. This look is Retro Style, with her belly showing a little bit under her shirt.

Retro styles from Italy

Except her sunglasses, all the clothing she had on her was bought in Italy. Her pants cost approximately fifty euros and her shirt twenty-five euros. She bought both of them two years ago, during her trip to Milan, Italy. Her boots were at least seventy-five euros and more. She received the brown bag as a gift from her uncle at Christmas last year.

When she turned twenty-nine, she went to celebrate her birthday with some friends in Germany. Elly  was enjoying her day, entering in expensive places and trying out every clothing in the store. Her sunglasses cost around fifty-five Canadian dollars if converted. Her sunglasses remind her about that day when she also dressed like a men while her husband was trying some new hauls.

Elizabeth got her long, round and metallic earrings from Zara, also in Italy. Her necklace was a gift of her grandmother for her future wedding.

Her curly dark brown hair is well arranged in her half up half down hairstyle. In addition, her brown bag matches with her sunglasses and her boots. What a combination of brown colours!

To conclude, here is my thought of the day; Make your own Fashion. It’s all about creating, innovating and being artistic. Fashion is not just about what brand you are wearing, it is a combination of colours, materials and confidence that makes you look fabulous.