Let StreetChic tell you about the romantic story of winter and colours

A new year has come, and Toronto’s winter has just kicked off to a cld start. Do you feel the pity of not having enough time to experience the gentleness and romance of early winter? Now that cold air has entered the city, bringing the boring Canada Goose as everyone’s winter wardrobe for the next 3 months. Don’t be. Fortunately, colours are still an option for weather like this. If you are a positive-minded fashion lover, and you want to fight a bit more against the all-black winter doom, read this article and see colours brighten up your winter styles. Let’s talk about the romance of winter and colours.

PANTONE announced that ultra violet being the ‘colour of the year’ of 2018. The fashion community has been crazy about this new colour trend, and couldn’t hold back to put on purple items which was considered to be sooo difficult to pair.


We understand that purple is a tricky colour to style with, but with the right technics, you can pull it off like a piece of cake.



The easiest way is to try a purple jacket. When everyone else is wearing black, white or grey down jackets, a purple is considered to be very bright, bold, and colourful. And it doesn’t matter what you wear beneath that. It’s the outside that counts. A purple jacket definitely makes you stand out from the winter crowd.



Not to mention how fashionable and in-trend Red  is, just the tone of the colour brings lots of warmth into this season. It is the best cure for SAD (seasonal affective depression) Usually, being winter elegant means a lot of typical black and white. However, it doesn’t rule out the expectance, which, in this case, red.



Of course red trench coats are the best way to go with. It’s stylish, yet classic, which means that a red coat will last in your  winter-first-choices for several years.



Also, you can also style a red coat with the most in-trend elements, like blazers and furs.



If we say that green is a beautiful colour, we are sure that nobody has doubts. However, it is not the easiest colour to style with. Like purple mentioned above, with the right method, you can achieve a very fresh look in winter with green pieces.



With yellow in the undertone, green is easily attached with a filthy feeling. But if you wear it with white or grey, the style gains much freshness in it.



If you are not afraid of taking some risks, wear your green coat with metal colours (not too much though). You will look extremely stylish with that.



Try these popular colours in your winter wardrobe and give yourself a chance to live a more colourful winter in 2018.


*Just a heads up, Street Chic is working on with our partners to create a platform to provide necessary sponsorship and mentorship for Toronto startup fashion designers, in order to help and develop fashion industry in Toronto even more. Stay tuned!*


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