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A Dream Crafter. Behind Chinese Haute Couture.

Users who liked this: The word Haute Couture comes from the French. Haute means high-end, Couture refers to sewing, embroidery and other crafts. In 1858, French fashion designer Charles Frederick Worth opened the world’s first haute couture store in Paris, setting a very specific image and standard for it and the story of Haute Couture […]

Top 5 Unusual Holiday Gift Shopping Ideas For Torontonians

The 2017 holiday season has officially arrived with snow and dramatic temperature drop. It might be cold and freezing, however, winter never gives GTA’s fashion lifestyle less shine, since stores and malls are always open for you to choose the perfect gift your significant someone. Here, on Street Chic, let’s talk about the top 5 […]

Seven Most Attractive Restaurants in Toronto

It’s been gloomy the last few weeks in Toronto with the frequent rain. Now that it’s the end of July, the completion of the beautiful summer in Toronto is nearing. You mustn’t waste any time to have some fun. Today, Street Chic will recommend some of Toronto’s popular restaurants, which are high-value and delicious! Dazzling […]