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Peekaboo Bean’s Fashion for Pre-Schoolers in Calgary Alberta

Users who liked this: By Leslie, Miss Teen South Calgary 2017 In the beautiful city of Calgary there is not a day that passes that you don’t see a variety of different clothing and fashion styles! Whether it’s the style of someone’s hair, their choice of outfit,  or the style of one of the amazing […]

The Many Fashions of Medicine Hat Alberta

Users who liked this: By Nyamal, Miss Teen Medicine Hat 2017 “I like to push the barriers when it comes to fashion” – Nyamal I could not have said it better myself.  Fashion is an expression of both emotion and character. Every person alive adds more flavour to the world of fashion by daring to […]

Beach Fashion, Ballgowns and Bling on Brant St in Burlington

Users who liked this: By Lydia, Miss Teen Halton Region 2017 I see fashion as a strong form of expression. Your choice in what you wear each day is what you’re presenting to the world, and what you’re allowing pre-judgements of you to be based on. Variety in the fashion industry introduces individuality and ensures […]