featured image in Montreal blue coral dress for boyfriend

Ste-Catherine Street Style in Montreal, Quebec

by Stefanie, Miss Teenage Quebec 2017

Where to start when it comes to Montreal fashion? Montreal is one of the trendiest cities in Canada. It is the Milan of Italy, the London of England and the Paris of France but with a twist; it is where all three meet under one awe-inspiring location: Montreal. Its streets are filled with beautiful and fashionable people. With its European flavor, fashion styles seem to be more trendy and unique.

The people of Montreal go further with their fashion by meshing styles together and creating their own designs. This is why ‘street style’ is very popular in Montreal. Big fashion brands like Aldo, Dynamite, Garage, Le Chateau, Mackage and Rudsak have their headquarters here, and draw inspiration from the culture outside their offices; its from Montreal they’ve all made their mark on Canadian fashion.

Ste-Catherine Street

Ste-Catherine Street is without a doubt one of the liveliest streets in Montreal. It runs 11.5 km long located in the heart of downtown Montreal where you can find a vast array of shops for both brand names and one-of-a kind boutiques. It crosses the central business district from west to east and runs parallel to the largest segments of Montreal’s underground city. It is the longest commercial street in Canada.

fashion in the city of Montreal

Dress: H&M
Shoes: Michael Kors
Purse: Louis Vuitton

This 26 year old model is Christina, my older sister! My sister has truly been a big inspiration to me and is definitely one of my role models. I look up to her everyday, but one thing I really look up to  is her style and fashion. I love my sister’s style; she is currently studying at Concordia University. She lives with her boyfriend and spends lots of time with her family and friends. She is very sociable and is one of the most kindhearted people I know.  Wearing a coral blue dress with a little bow on her top left shoulder, the garment is loose fitting and casual, perfect for a date-night. Since Christina is tanned, the light blue colour matches perfectly with her skin tone making her stand out. She was popping her style while strolling down Ste-Catherine street on a beautiful sunny day.

Michael Kors beige pumps sandle wood by the old marble fountains in Montreal

Christina has beige Micheal Kors pumps, and the colour complements her skin perfectly and matches her dress. The shoes have ankle straps and retail for $198.

white cotton dress beside old fountain in Montreal

Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Steve Madden

Yay to another summer dress! My beautiful model Christina is wearing a white dress from forever 21. It is an off the shoulder short dress with lace details on the edges. She was , again, walking along Ste- Catherine street on a warm day.  I love when there is a contrast between the clothing colour and the skin tone; the white colour makes Christina stand out once again. Michael Kors shoes in fashion in Montreal 2017This casual yet flirty wear is perfect for an every day outing retailing at only 30$. This is proof that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a good outfit! She is also wearing my favourite Steve Madden sandals with different coloured straps around the ankle. These shoes are a perfect summer staple and can easily match well with any summer outfit!

My own fashion,

The model in this photo is myself! I am a bubbly and outgoing person who loves to travel and explore different countries and cultures. I am a 17 year old student currently enrolled at Champlain college. I’m the athlete and soccer enthusiast who plays professionally for my province.

Dress: Forever 21
Glasses: Giorgio Armani
Shoes: Adidas NMD

My athleticism usually calls for comfort, hence why my style leans towards comfy casual. I am wearing a pink t-shirt dress from forever 21 and white adidas running shoes. This type of outfit is definitely one of my favourites as it is comfortable and fashionable as well! The dress is $24.90 and the shoes retail at $200.  My sunglasses have a mirror finish and the shape matches well with my rounded face. They complement this look very well as they have a rose gold finish that goes well with the colour of my dress.

What is fashion for me?

Fashion cannot be defined by one sentence because there are so many different kinds of styles out there! I believe that the choice of an individuals clothing is a mean to express themselves. Every persons choice of style, design or trend is a way of introducing who they are, their choice of taste and even what kind of music they like. One’s clothing is like a picture; it’s worth a thousand words. What we wear is how we want to present ourselves. It is a way to find our identity by mixing different styles together to figure out what we like and who we are. It defines us! Fashion is more than just a piece of clothing! My body is a canvas in which I try new things every day to make the perfect match of what I  like to wear. There is no wrong or right fashion style, there is just you.





Chavez Shoes

Chavez Shoe Fitters are Transition Ankle Straps

by Joanna Szeen, photographer named Victor Gonzales.

Melissa is a young executive currently working for Shoes by Chavez, a locally owned Canadian shoe brand that is gaining popularity here and abroad. With many responsibilities within the growing company, she is constantly on the go.  This lady needs a gorgeous shoe that can transition from casually simple to sexy and glam. She can do that with Chavez Shoes’ transition ankle straps.

Chavez Shoes , shoe fitters2

First let’s observe how Melissa has paired her Shoes by Chavez with cuffed jeans, white clutch and a white graphic t-shirt.  This author really likes Melissa’s outfit, which looks incredibly comfortable and the jeans look very soft. Her t-shirt also looks soft and falls naturally over her body in a very flattering way. The graphic on the front of her shirt is very eye-catching and brightens up her look, which ties in the subtle glam of her closed toed shoes.

Now these ankle straps Melissa adds are what Chavez calls “Shoe Fitters”.  Shoe Fitters are an ankle strap that you can fit to your shoe to customize your look with every wear.

Chavez Shoes , shoe fitters1

These Shoe Fitter ankle strap attachments are sold separately for about $20 each and are used to transform existing heels with a new style and design. The attachment also adds more functionality to your heels when you walk.

The graphic on the chunky heel of the closed toed shoe is what really makes this whole thing pop. When you see Melissa you know she is beautiful. When your eyes are drawn from her head down to her shoes you know she’s very Street Chic.

Shoe Fitters Can Freshen Up Your Shoe Fashion

Shoe Fitters are also a really great way to keep your favourite shoe fresh! You can add shoe fitters as an accessory to coordinate with your outfit.

I love that you can add an extra pop with the matching graphic Shoe Fitters. I think this look is extremely fierce. Any time you add an accessory to make yourself stand out. It’s not extra, it’s attitude. This attitude and look is very confident and very glam. Chavez Shoes , shoe fitters3

The nude Shoe Fitter is subtle, because sometimes you just want a simple look that makes your ankles look slim and flattering. Nude goes with everything and can be worn a lot more frequently than an eye popping graphic, which also makes this third look very practical.