Country Inspired Fashion in Calgary Alberta

by Cailyn, Miss Teenage Calgary 2017

I live in Calgary and consider myself lucky when it comes to fashion. We have everything we need here including fancy evening dresses and country wear, which includes cowboy boots and, during The Calgary Stampede, a cowboy hat. Even for simply enjoying a Saturday night inside with the girls, you have to still go out and pick up that pizza, and so you have to look semi presentable.  That’s the look I find myself wearing more than I’d like to admit.

In Calgary, we have many diverse fashion styles; some folks like long, baggy shirts worn as a dress with a plaid around your waist, while others seem to always choose sweat pants and jersey tops. These styles are not gender specific and us younger ladies like to occasionally wear a man’s shirt or a blazer.

I have four different looks that I find myself wearing most frequently, and sometimes I mix them up and combine styles.

My first look is something you can wear to a casual event/ outing or you can dress it up with heels like I did or even a bit of jewelry like bracelets or a longer necklace since the front is quite plain and you’re good to go to a nice dinner.

The model is me, Cailyn. Here I’m wearing a shoulder less top which is a must in every girls closet during the summer (free those shoulders) but due to the fact that there is no hiding annoying bra straps I highly recommend a strapless bra, which I know can be tricky to keep up sometimes but your outfit will look so much better. The shirt is just a plain high waisted black skirt which gives you the freedom to tuck in your shirt or leave it untucked, the shirt I’m wearing was quite long, so I decided to have it tucked-in for a cleaner and more put-together look.

My second outfit is ‘country inspired’ and is something I find myself wearing quite often. This is a look I could wear for a day out, to the Calgary stampede or another local outing like many country-themed restaurants and bars we have in town. I chose a light coloured jeans and top because not only does it get less hot, the subtle notes make your boots pop. Regardless you could just as easily throw on some dark blue jeans and the outfit would still work.

Traditionally, with cowboy boots, I would wear boot cut jeans that cover them, but not and then I like to show them off by wearing tight jeans such as a ‘skinny jean’ to show those boots off. Also on a side note is like to add the fact that cowboy boots are one of my favorite shoes because they are versatile and functional but also they look great with jeans and if planned right they go amazingly well with a skirt or cute summer dress.

Cailyn on the Mustang workout clothes in CalgaryMy third look is street wear that is comfortable for an exercise  work-out and nice enough that you could wear outside and do your daily deeds. I went with white sweat pants because I feel like they are a great statement piece considering how often you actually see white sweatpants. I went with the white tank top to blend in under to make the black jersey standout more. Then I used the red bandana and lipstick to give the look a pop of color and as a standout piece. Also I swear by Converse running shoes, they are my absolute favorite sneakers because you can where them with anything at any time!Cailyn Miss Teen Calgary

For my last outfit I went for more of a classic look with the 50s style red dress. You can wear it whenever and its light enough to wear in the summer and once winter rolls around you can throw on some leggings or thighs and put on an old style knitted jacket (the one I have reminds me of a sock monkey)

I think my favorite part about any of these outfits is that you can wear them anytime and dress them up or down due to your mood and what you are dressing for. ​



Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful in Lethbridge Alberta

By Sarah, Miss Teenage Cardston County 2017

What is beauty? Beauty is not something that you have, or you don’t have. Each one of us has unique beauty within us. I simply couldn’t decide on just one outfit, as beauty is not just one look. So I picked three outfits, that displays: Comfort, Elegance, and Confidence. All three are important aspects to being your own kind of beautiful.

Comfort is key. Often girls believe that to be beautiful they must be uncomfortable, this is false. Beauty comes from within, and that is why it is so incredibly important that you wear clothes that make you feel comfortable.

Miss Teen Cardston Co - Srarh in mineral red dress, casual wear, AlbertaPerson- Sarah (myself), an Alberta Delegate competing in the 2017 Search for Miss Teenage Canada.
Outfit- Forever Fond, Mineral Red dress, with Pearl Petite necklace.
Brand- Dress (Down East) Necklace (Down East)
Price- Dress- $61 Necklace- $27
Store- Mish Fashion & Swim
Street- 6th Street South, Lethbridge Alberta

As Audrey Hepburn once said, “Elegance is the only beauty, that never fades.” I absolutely love this quote. Elegance is beautiful. I feel that more often than not, elegance is classified as “old” or maybe “mature” which yes, it can. However elegance is for all ages. Whether you are 14 or 80, elegance is beautiful on everyone. I personally love simple outfits, as it draws more attention to the person who is wearing it, not the other way around. We all know the saying, “Pretty in Pink” well this dress is a perfect example. The way the skirt flows makes elegance and style tie together, making a beautiful outfit. Let’s not forget about the necklace now. I personally love this necklace, it’s so classy and versatile. It can be worn with so many different outfits! Overall I think this necklace is the perfect way to complete the look of elegance.Miss Teen Cardston Co freind cheerleader

Person- Rebecca, cheerleader for Perfect Storm Lethbridge.
Outfit- Lauren Pink Maxi Dress, with Pearl Petite necklace.
Brand- Dress (Milka Rose) Necklace (Down East)
Price- Dress- $112 Necklace- $27
Store- Mish Fashion & Swim
Street- 6th Street South, Lethbridge Alberta

What is more beautiful than seeing a girl who is confident?! I personally think the most admirable trait of a girl, is when she is confident in who she is and what she looks like. A question we all have been asked by either a friend, a family member, or even a stranger is, “How do I look?” I’m not going to sit here and pretend I don’t ask others this same question, but my question is… Why do we seem to always ask this question again and again? In today’s society we are taught that our self worth is determined on how others view us. This needs to change! But how? First, you need to realize that no matter how much someone will compliment you, the only person who can make you feel confident is you. It is essential that you are doing it for yourself, no one else. This outfit is so unique and different, in displaying true confidence through its pattern and style. It is important that the outfit you wear makes you feel confident, don’t wear it for someone else, wear it for yourself. As I said before, wear something you want to wear, because in the end you are the only one who can truly make yourself feel confident.

Sarah in Cardston Co Alberta

Person- Sarah (myself) an Alberta Delegate competing in the 2017 Search for Miss Teenage Canada.
Outfit- Pin Up, blue, red, yellow floral dress, with black lace necklace, red shoes.

Brand- Dress (H&R) Necklace (Opia) Shoes (Fashion Focus)
Price- Dress- $84 Necklace- $20 Shoes- $44
Store- Mish Fashion & Swim
Street- 3rd Avenue South, Lethbridge Alberta

If you follow these three steps, you will be well on your way to being your own kind of beautiful.