Summer Fashion in Biggar Saskatchewan

By Shiela Antoniette Montes, Miss Teenage Saskatchewan 2017

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” –Rachel Zoe

Fashion is everywhere and the joy of dressing is an art. Fashion doesn’t only matters on the price but its quality; not specifically defined by its style but most especially the confidence in bringing up the style.


Busy life and hectic schedules are part of the fashion industry, but even at work, you have lots of choices to look and feel good. Two girls in town whom I consider to be top fashion leaders in this field, Kathleen and Carla make it look easy to achieve a professional look that would always fit everywhere.Kathleen and Cloe in Biggar Saskatchewan

Kathleen believes that fashion depends on how you can make it on your own and carry yourself with confidence. She grew up admiring her mom’s professional look. “I wanted to be like her someday who always look professional with a youthful glow”. In her picture, she’s giving the life of a “VIP” professional look. To achieve this, it’s important make sure that the outfit highlights the professionalism of a person. For the “VIP Professional look” she is wearing a white lacy fit top from Le Château, costs $48.00; matched with a pinstriped navy skirt from Cleo that costs $65.00.

wearing lace top from La Chateau
Tip 1: Accessories rely on what kind of event you’re up to and sometimes depend on the weather.
For Kathleen’s accessories, she picked a white earring from winners, costs $17.00 and gold bracelet that costs $25.00 from Garage. For necklace, she had a gold one with amethyst and diamond that costs $300.00 from Ben Moss (you can also get it from Peoples). Tip 2: For footwear, always remember that footwear should match its color from your outfit. For her style, she wore a black strappy heel from Guess that costs $168.98. Tip 3: Bags are the essential of your confidence and feeling for the day. When I asked her about what she feels for that day, she told me she feels girly and kinda sassy. For her outfit, a pink neon bag (or any light colors) from Sears that costs $48.00. The bag made her achieve the youthful glow she ever wanted.

Carla in a jump suit for Praries

On the other hand, Carla, a girl who believes that fashion can also be simple yet sophisticated. The jumpsuit is a perfect outfit for her. She purchased the black jumpsuit from Gap for $130.00, the white bag from Guess that costs $56.00, and for the footwear, she had a brownish-black wedge sandal from Ackermans for $40.00.


I love Denim. Denim is my favorite outfit for it is versatile and always trendy. There are lots of styles you can make in denim. All you have to do is to portray it very well and wear it comfortably. In this section, my team and I present the 3 kinds of denim look: the outgoing, the adventurer, and the sweet-sassy look.

Denim on the street in Saskatchewan

“Denim represents my personality, a girl who has decency and at the same time sexiness” a line from Trixie, who expresses denim in an outgoing style. She wore a denim hipster pants from American Eagle that costs $33.00, matched with a black sleeveless fitted top from Ardene that costs $12.00 and a denim jacket from winners, costs $10.00. Tip 4: Denims fit to any footwear. Trixie uses a beige sandal from Call it Spring that costs $54.00. She matches her outfit to a ship-like earring from Ardene that costs $5.00 and a white pearl necklace from Guess that costs $32.00.

For an adventurer look, it should be a simple and comfortable. According to Sam, “Denim is a good outfit for any adventures, you can move easily and adequately”.  Sam wore a denim pants from Winners Confederation Mall costs $50.00 matched with a blue polyester polo from R & W Co for $68.00 and a black Adidas rubber shoes from Sports Check that costs $90.00. Tip 5: For a total package adventurer look, match everything with sunglasses to look classier.

denim on the road trip warriors in Sasktachewan

For a sweet-sassy look, I believe that skate skirt is the answer for that. Guess denim polo costs $54.00, skate skirt from Amazon that costs $24.00 with shipping and to match up the sweet and sassy look, I chose to pair everything with a black chained high-heeled boots from Avon that costs $44.00. For my accessories, I wore a gold with black pearls bracelet that costs $25.00, black pearl necklace that costs $30.00 and an earrings, costs $24.00, all from Le Château.


Summer is the most awaited season of the year. Summer brings the easiest fashions of all. According to Jobelle, “summer look is the most expressive and provides opportunity to show one’s self through their skin”.

Jobell and Summer in Saskatchewan

Jobelle is wearing summer clothes that emphasizes her fresh look. She achieved summer look with a dark green off shoulders from Ardene that costs $15.00 and shorts that costs $25.00. She matched it with white flats from Joe Fresh that costs $20.00 and a sunglass from Coach that costs $80.00.


In Canada, summer is a perfect season for sweating and maintaining a good fit. Even in the field of sports, fashion is still appealing. Kathleen and I are portraying a look on how to achieve a good fashion in sports.

Tip 6: Sports’ clothes must be simple but not too naïve. The most important is that you wear clothes where u can move freely.

Sport fashion in Biggar Saskatchewan

Kathleen wore a Nike dry fit short from Sports Check. It costs $32 and the Nike Sports Bra is $48.00. She matched it with a Nike Runners from Sports Check that costs $162 and the Pink Neon Workout Vest from Winner for $28.00.

Shiel demonstrates summer sports fashion in Biggar SasktachewanFor my outfit, I got the New Balance leggings from Winners for $25.00, Sports Bra from Pink Sports for $46.00, Adidas crop top sweater from Adidas outlet Saskatoon for $48.00. Lastly, the black Under Armour Runner Shoes from Sports Check for $ 147.00.

All pictures were taken in Biggar, Saskatchewan in Main Street, Biggar Track and Field and Biggar Football Field last July 26, 2017.
Photographer: Sophia D.
Designers: Shiela M, Casandra S, Kathleen K.
Author: Shiela M.
Models: Kathleen K, Carla G, Sam A, Trixie M, Shiela M, Jobelle C.





Yorkton fashion Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Fashion in Yorkton

By Helli, 2017 Miss South Eastern Saskatchewan World

Everywhere I go in my little town I see people wearing completely different, yet fashionable outfits. It’s amazing to see the creativity of the locals when it comes to fashion, and how two people can wear opposite trends and still pull it off perfectly. When I stroll around the streets of my hometown, I find a fashionable scene on every corner. Everybody looks stunning in whatever fashion they have chosen to compliment themselves with.

fashion church sask
I can’t decide which street would be the most ideal to label as the most fashionable street, however there is one place that means so much to all the residents here and that is the church. This church is located on Catherine St of Yorkton, Saskatchewan. I consider this street to be a very versatile street with its fashion choices. This is because people from all age groups come to this street wearing different trends and styles.

Catherine Street provides no fashion boutiques, but it is amazing to see the different trends people sport. Seniors tend to wear amazing pastel colors and old trend clothing, while the teenagers and youth tend to wear colours that brighten up the street and sport the latest fashions. It is a street where you can spot people from all age ranges and see the unique fashions present within the age groups. I decided to go to the street myself, and present the my own street fashion and photograph it.

green body suit for church in Saskatchewan

Helli in a green body suit, skirt and heels.

The first look I went for was a green bodysuit, that was $24.99 at Winners bought in Yorkton, and paired it up with some classic black and white shorts purchased at $10.99 from Ardennes also bought in Yorkton. This bodysuit and shorts look has been a big hype on all social media platforms and it has not gone away still. It is a look that a lot of young females have sported every now and then. Whether that be for taking a stroll in the mall or going out to the beach, a bodysuit has become a top trend in every girl’s closet this year.

Helli in a fashionable romper on Catherine Street in Yorkton Saskatchewan

The next look I portrayed at Catherine St was a fancy, yet fashionable romper. Rompers have taken over the fashion world the last couple of years and this one is a perfect, fancy romper that is perfect to wear into the church as well. It is black and white and made completely of lace! It was purchased from Rosegal for $14.99 along with the black stilettos that were $19.99. I adore this look because it is a perfect look for a night out as well as for a walk in the park. I love outfits that serve both as a day look and a night look because picking out clothes for both the day and the ngiht is a stressful job that this romper has taken care of.

saskatchewan blog fashion, Yorkton,

Helli in a sweater by Zaful with Lululemon Leggings

The last look of this street is a very casual and autumn outfit. I love how versatile fashion on this street is. It is very easy to sport a casual outfit here or an outfit that is for fancy purposes. This outfit consists of a knitted sweater which is so comfortable and so in demand these past few years. The sweater is from Zaful for $34.99 paired with Lululemon Leggings at $99.99 accessorized with a hat from Forever 21 for $14.99. To pull this whole look off and make it more trendy was to pair it off with some moccasins from Minnetonka for $49.99.

While one street can present so many different people with different styles, it is wonderful to be sporting three different styles on one street myself. I love how individuals here choose their fashion and everybody’s definition of fashion is different. On Catherine St in Yorkton, everybody is allowed to sport any style they wish to, just like I did! The essential thing to becoming a fashionista is to be versatile and unique!