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Family Fashion at Tanger Outlets in Ottawa

By Jesika,  Miss Teen Ottawa 2017

I get inspired when it comes to fashion; I love the fact that you have different styles to work with, different types of clothing (dresses, shorts, blouses etc). Sometimes we shop looking for something specifc in a store, and other times we just cruise around soaking it up. That’s just what happens at Tanger Outlets in Ottawa.

When it comes to clothing, everything is specific. Its a choice whether you like that new ‘Louis Vuitton’ Rose Ballerine Shoulder Flap Bag? or those ‘Gucci’ Ace Embroidered White Leather Sneakers?  Then you’re always choosing a colour and look that suits your taste… Whether you prefer those gold heels or silver heels? Do you like those strappy heels or those full-on covered heels? Who knows?! But what I do know is that whatever you’re wearing will show people around you what your type of style is, when you’re wearing something then it can compliment your face, your body type etc, but most of all it can catch someone’s eye. That’s what I meant when I was talking about the fact that fashion and clothing can be specific because when we buy something then we want it to fit our needs.

Now as I can say even though most of us love GUCCI or LOUIS VUITTON, than sometimes or anytime it can’t fit our budget,  this is why I wanted to show you the fashion that I am totally into, that will definitely make the cut into your budget!

At Tanger Outlets in Ottawa, in the pictures below, three lovely young ladies model beautiful clothes with an equally attractive price tag. Clothes don’t have to be expensive to look great!

First, let me start off with introducing you to these lovely ladies. These three ladies are Sonya and her two girls, Cameron and fashion in Ottawa at the outlet mall

I personally thought that writing a blog post about the outfits of a mother and her daughters would be adorable and that’s exactly what I did! These girls are showing off their inner style and honestly I am totally loving it! As for most people by now must be intrigued to find out the prices for these clothes, I’ll just have to get right into it!

Sonya’s outfit looks simple but great. Her outfit includes a white dress with black designs all over, styled with brown sandals as well as a pair of black sunglasses.

Sonya (Mom):
Her Dress was from ‘OLD NAVY’ for $29
Shoes are from ‘GUESS’ for $29
Sunglasses are also from ‘GUESS’ for $29
Total Price Of Full Outfit= $87

Moving on to Cameron (Oldest Daughter):

Cameron and her outfit look super pretty! Cameron’s outfit has some pop of color to it with a zip-up dress and might I add beautifully patterned dress with Gold sandals.

Cameron’s Outfit Prices:
The Dress is from ‘The Bay’ for $40
Shoes are from ‘JOE FRESH’ for $19
Total Price Of Full Outfit: $59

Last but definitely not least, Mackenzie’s outfit! Makenzie looked absolutely adorable in her outfit which was a light colored butterfly dress with Hot Pink sandals.

Mackenzie’s Outfit Prices:
Her Dress is from ‘H & M’ for only $5
Her Shoes are from ‘JOE FRESH’ for $19

Total Price of Full Outfit: $24

All in all, as you can tell these outfits were hits! They weren’t designer clothes but looked fantastic paired with the right pair of shoes! I hope you all have found some inspiration from this blog post! Now maybe, you know what stores to shop at, for the perfect gift for the right price!

Before I say, my goodbye’s until Pageant Week, I want to give big thanks to Sonya, Cameron, and Mackenzie for helping me out because without them than I wouldn’t have been able to write this blog post!






Kelowna street fashion bristish columbia

Ladies Fashion for Hot Summer on Bernard Street in Kelowna, BC

by Natalie, 2017 Miss British Columbia World

Its July and 36 degrees in Kelowna’s fashion street; its hot on Bernard Street!!

Kelowna is known for its hot, dry summers and today is proof of that!  The city is surrounded by the beautiful Okanagan Lake and beaches like Gyro Beach are hopping!  Especially today, most of the residents are probably skipping work to escape for a dip in the lake, just to cool down!

Kelowna is located in interior BC, but there is a lot of fashion influence from the major city of Vancouver (which is only 4 hours away). Kelowna is also surrounded by orchards and wineries. Some of my favorite wineries in the Okanagan are: Quails Gate Winery and Mt.Boucherie Winery. With all the amazing wineries in Kelowna there are amble opportunities to dress up in cute Kelowna fashions on the way to different wine tastings.

Which bring me back to Bernard street where I have found some models who are not wearing bikinis and captured a few fashionista’s right downtown Kelowna modeling some hot summer styles! Bernard Street has an eclectic mix of boutiques and clothing shops, restaurants, outdoor cafes and ice cream stops.

Hanna wears a pattern dress from Forever 21

Hanna wears a pattern dress from Forever 21

Hanna is seen here wearing a cute summer dress by Forever 21. Her styling leather purse is Marc Jacobs and she’s wearing her comfy Converse sneakers! Hannah is a 28 year old working professional in Kelowna. Hannah likes to dress up but still feel comfortable while she balances working two jobs. She needs her clothing to be versatile, cute, and practical. For the hot summers in Kelowna, Hanna loves to throw on sun dresses.

Further down Bernard Street, I found the stylish boutique Blonde, which has been a popular shopping stop in Kelowna since 2004.

nicole in blue dress

Nicole in a 100% rayon, teal blue maxi dress by Love Stitch

Inside, I found Nicole, who was rocking her boho chic look that was all outfitted by Blonde. Nicole was wearing a 100% rayon, teal blue maxi dress by Love Stitch, which sells for $109.00 in the store. She accented it with the Brixton white hat that retails for $95.00 and her shoes were Steve Madden. Nicole set off her whole outfit with a funky necklace, made by who else? Nicole! She designs and makes jewelry that is all sold in the store, this piece for $40.00 so just check out for more of her designs.

The coolest (did I say coolest, which it isn’t today!) part about Kelowna’s Bernard Street is . . . when you get to the end of it, you’re right at the beach and City Park of Okanagan Lake. Anyone that works downtown, like I do, can take their lunch break right at the beach!

fashion at madeline at beach in Kelowna British Columbia

Madeline wears blouse at Kelowna British Columbia

It was here that I found Madeline, a University of British Columbia Okanagan student. She was on a job hunt, as she just finished her spring classes at University of British Columbia Okanagan, the week before. No better place to pose than in front of the “Sails” statue that is right on the end of Bernard Street.

Madeline’s fabulous shoes were from Top Shop and her black pants were from Latest Scoop in Vancouver. Garage outfitted her in her shirt and hat, with her necklace from Pyrrha and Madeline sported a Marc Jacobs purse to complete her look. Thank you for allowing us to capture your style, Madeline!

Now you know it! When you visit the beautiful Okanagan area of British Columbia, you must spend some time right downtown Kelowna on Bernard Street enjoying the awesome cafes and the unique boutiques on Bernard Street.  In the summer in downtown Kelowna, there are cafes, lives music, festivals, and so much to see and do.

Have a look and then go have a dip!