Most Fashionable Ways to Wake Up

Yes, I understand that waking up can be one of the hardest things to do in a day. You feel drowsy, sleepy and wanting to shoot the sun down, especially if you partied too late the night before. You are desperate for a cup of espresso coffee or a cold shower. But we all know some people waking up at 5 every morning, and feeling energetic the whole day. How did they do it? Is there a better way for them to wake up, giving them energy and health? Well, some morning exercises can help! Let’s see what they do.

Outdoor jogging

This can be a great opportunity to connect with the nature. And nature isn’t on Facebook, your connection won’t be built unless you go outdoors and embrace it. Surely warm sunshine, fresh air, and early birds singing will offer you some morning refreshments. Giving you a touch of nature treatment, jogging also helps you to build stronger bones and heart, which improves your health. And of course, you can time yourself and control the distance according to your fitness program.


Stretching exercises are great for muscle toning and also preventing arthritis. And yoga is one of the best workout to stretch your body part. Think about it, how many times in the morning does your brain feel awaken and your body doesn’t? A thirty minutes yoga workout helps you to stretch every part of your body and gently awake them. And it gives you enough time to think of a healthy breakfast recipe for yourself and your family. (Recommended morning yoga pose: Balancing Table Pose)

Squats & Pushups

If you are into some more intense morning exercises, you can try squats and pushups, which involve most of your body major muscles and don’t require any equipment. You can easily do them in your bedroom. Try 15*2 squats and 10*3 pushups, if you are a beginner, and gradually build it up.

Jumping Jacks

Stand with feet together, then jump while spreading your arms and legs. Return to the first position and keep going— this is a very easy and useful exercise, which definitely wakes you up in a few minutes. And it’s a great workout for cardiovascular health, also your leg muscles. You can start doing these for 1 minute per set, and 3 sets every morning. I’m sure you will feel the difference!

Studies have shown that morning exercises are beneficial for reducing blood pressure, boosting brain power, and even bringing you a good mood for the whole day. So why not give it a try? And if you have your own best ways to wake up, please share your morning routine with us!

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