Bringing Out Your Inner Beauty in London Ontario

by Miana, Miss Teenage Ontario 2017

Society often conforms to copy the latest styles and trends of today’s fashion icons. I believe its essential to pull inspiration for all of our role models, and create a look that highlights our individuality. In order to look good, it really is important that you feel your best in what you’re wearing that day or occasion. These are my 3 most useful tips when pulling together a masterpiece and staying true to yourself. I like to call this the guide, Bringing Out Your Inner Beauty.

I am showcasing an outfit on myself, Miana aka Miss Teenage Ontario 2017, which is a true reflection of my style and my personality. I’m an 18 year old who just graduated from high school and is ready to take on the world. Although my generation is heavily influenced by all types of media, I’d like to believe I’ve managed to dress in a fashion that is truly expressive of who I am. Following my 3-step guide, I composed this “Playful Couture” look.

Miana’s Guide to Picking the Perfect Outfit

My three step fashion guide can be followed for any occasion.

  1. Follow Your Vision

Principally, choose what emotion/mood you want to convey depending how you feel, whether it’s a mature look, a careless vibe, or even a sassy style. With this in mind, you will know exactly what’s working while searching for the perfect outfit, and definitely know what isn’t right. This vibe comes from within, but will be showcased, as your vision becomes a reality while creating this outfit.

While creating my “Playful Couture” look, I focused on bringing out my inner confidence. I wanted to create a mature look, while still bringing out my playful side. A stunning clothing boutique named “Jordan Stewart”, in my hometown, London, Ontario gave me the privilege to shop around their beautiful store for the perfect outfit. They have fairytale dresses, sophisticated jumpsuits and show stopping two pieces, which made choosing this outfit a little challenging. But, I remembered to stay true to Step 1 of my guide, and I was able to pick an outfit that was reflective of my inner confidence, while remaining playful yet sophisticated.

  1. Stay True To You

Secondly, while concentrating on your desired feel of the outfit, keep in mind that not every article of clothing will be perfect for you. Choose pieces that highlight your shape and complexion in order to make you shine. Choose to accentuate your curves, waist or even make your neckline the focal point. Remember that YOU are the artwork and your outfit is only adding to the beauty that it lays upon. It is essential to stay patient while shopping or trying on outfits so that you can optimize your experience.

In my opinion, this step is my favourite because it really allows you to be authentic. While trying on many different outfits at Jordan Stewart, this bold two-piece fit like glove and felt so right. I love the fact that the pink and white contrasts so nicely on my bronzed skin. These bright colours are not only a reflection of my inner character, but also my positive outlook on life. I chose to accentuate my waistline by wearing this peaking cropped shirt with the matching high waist pant. I love how this outfit resembles a mature pantsuit, yet is so playful as there is a flowy ruffle overlaying the top. This two-piece is named, “Where is Ken”, referring to the playfulness of it, likewise to Barbie. This fit is so seamless as it is Polyester and is the perfect outfit for a summer day being so light and airy as well.

Outfit @ Jordan Stewart:

“Where is Ken” top by Luxxel. $55

“Where is Ken” bottoms by Luxxel. $69

98% Polyester 2%Spandex

  1. Perfect your masterpiece

Following your vision, and staying true to you will make this last step effortless. At this point, you will have an outfit that matches your desired mood while being mindful of what works for your individuality. Perfecting your masterpiece is your overall feeling from within. You must feel proud of who you are and how you are representing yourself for the occasion. It is essential not to seek acceptance from others, but to find the beauty in your own fashion. To pull your look together, find accessories that compliment your vision.

When completing my look, I knew it was perfect for me by the way I felt in it. This outfit radiates positivity and is a perfect match. Now that I am confident with the clothes I’m accentuating my body with, it’s time to further accessorize. I have chosen to pair this outfit up with a simple silver strapped 3.5” heel for added shine. I also chose a chunky silver watch to accent the amazing checkered pattern. Lastly, I put on pair of simple silver hoops to keep this look timeless. This outfit was the statement piece alone, so the simple silver accessories just embellish this “Playful Couture” look.

Shoes: Casper D’Orsay with Ankle Strap Heels in Silver by Bamboo

Watch: Marciano

An amazing local photographer, Ivan, captured this “Playful Couture” style in the downtown of the city I was born and raised in, London, Ontario. Our downtown runs all through Richmond Street, therefore we call it Richmond Row. Richmond Row has immensely inspired this look because it is full of all my favourite places, from the best vegan restaurants and cutest coffee shops, all the way to my favourite clothing boutique, Jordan Stewart. Another special part about Richmond Row is that there is the most beautiful park named, Victoria Park, where exciting festivals are held all summer. This perfect outfit was captured in July, the ideal season to rock this outfit in the park at the Food Festival or at the Sun festival. All of these amusing activities have helped shape this outfit and inspired it to be truly playful.

All in all, each outfit you wear should be a reflection of your personal inner beauty, rather than just following trends. Create your own looks to showcase your courageous individuality that way you can always walk with confidence.





45 replies
  1. Lily Liao
    Lily Liao says:

    This is a perfect fashion blog. Miana, you are telling the truth about fashion. I love your writing, your photo and the pink outfit. Great job Miana!

  2. Bianca Cantadeiro
    Bianca Cantadeiro says:

    You have really brought out the true meaning of fashion and Beauty! Your writing piece is a great inspiration to many and most importantly to teenagers in this generation. I love it and you’re doing an amazing job! Congratulations Miana!

  3. Kim Gonzalvo
    Kim Gonzalvo says:

    Love your outfit but mostly I love how you emphasize that inner beauty should shine even more . You are a positive role model that I would be proud to show my 8 year old daughter .

  4. Katrina Wynne
    Katrina Wynne says:

    Very insightful and well thought out! Your blog is very aesthetic as well, good job Miana good luck with everything

  5. Stephanie
    Stephanie says:

    Very well said! Always stay true to yourself. Cause I know you are pretty awesome!! Good luck!
    Love that outfit!! 💕

  6. Danielle Charbonneau-Leach
    Danielle Charbonneau-Leach says:

    Your blog shows you not only have a grasp on current fashion trends, but you are encouraging women to stay true to who they are. The idea of picking styles that best reflect each person as an individual is so refreshing. Very wise words and a very well written blog.

    • Miana Lauren
      Miana Lauren says:

      Wow thank you. I love to share my thoughts and opinions especially about fashion, so I am thrilled that you were so receptive to this article. Thank you!!

  7. Amanda Rasmussen
    Amanda Rasmussen says:

    Good job Miana! I was so pleased to see you include that “you are the artwork” I couldn’t agree more!

  8. Ivana
    Ivana says:

    Loved reading this over and over again! Amazing job on connecting about all things to ensure you become who you truly are! Good luck!


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