Winter Fashion: Fur, Tartan, Oversize And More Trends for Canadians

In a word, winter is bleak in Canada. Once it makes its arrival, there are only months (almost half a year, actually) of darkness and freezing ahead. The only thing you may want to do is stay cozy in bed the whole day with hair thrown to the back and pajamas from top to bottom. However, finding pieces that make you want to leave the house and be a social human are an important part of, well, survival.


Let me make this easier for you. Street Chic has rounded up the 4 winter styles that Canadians LOVE from deep in the hearts, and have been applying every single winter, just because they work the best with an extreme weather here in Canada. Let’s get into them, and honey remember this, celebrities are not the only ones who can look fab in cold.



Unless you are allergic too furry things, it’s always a classic style to put fur on the body during winters. They can easily become your statement pieces and light up the whole look. Surprisingly, fur can really finish an outfit off, especially paired with a heavy sweater and boots (for a more mix-and-match feel).



Don’t we know all about tartans, as Canadians? The tartan trend has been coming back on fire in 2017. For reasons no one will ever understand, tartan tends to be pigeonholed as a “holiday” look. It shows off the chicness and sophistication of women and never falls out from the list of trends that are the easiest to style.



While traditional fitted styles have obviously earned a place among trends in the previous seasons, celebrities like Rihanna, and the Kardashians have definitely brought the oversize trend back in fashion. And they are ruling the fashion world with a special street style into them. Get a oversized piece (hoodies are the best) and chic your way up this winter!

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