Enjoy the afternoon time in the sun

Looking for a comfortable corner, bathed in lazy sunshine, and one or two friends together to enjoy the perfect afternoon time.

I always have a lot of expectations for the afternoon time. Imagine after lunch, I came out of the restaurant and crossed a path, then saw the Piazza Navona was covered with slate. Three fountains decorated with marble sculptures bathed in the sun. People leisurely enjoy the afternoon time in the cafe on both sides of the square. Like a scene in a movie.

I sat down and ordered a glass of Champagne under the umbrella of the open-air bistro opposite the street. Looking at the pedestrians coming and going, as if the moment slow down, and then until the rest. Although the crowd is noisy, gave me a good feeling of time.

Toronto’s street style never fails to use its magical power to impress and inspire me. I guess that’s the reason we are doing this: style is where imaginations and items transform into unique styles and fashion. The deeper we hunt, the more interesting and impressive we find the street styles are, especially in a city where diversity is the combined in its blood and bones.

Street Chic will start from Toronto, explore deeper and wider to bring you the best and most unique street styles. So stay tuned and explore with Street Chic!

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